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      Album: Heart Of Dixie

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      Yelawolf - Howdy Música y Letra

      On behalf of alabama I just wanna say
      The heart of dixie is in this bitch
      M16, dj frank white, my name is yelawolf
      Hello world, hello world, hello world
      [Verse 1: yelawolf]
      This morning I woke up feeling like that I never had a fuckin' dime
      Like I didn't wake up in the back of the bus that's finally mine
      Why do I feel like I never had marshall mathers' co-sign sometimes?
      Like radioactive failed, well livin' this time
      I'm even not used to believe that I could be one of the top 5
      Maybe when I tell myself I'm one of the best, I'm just lyin'
      When my uncle buddy call and ask, I say I'm just fine
      But I feel like I haven't made it, uncle but I'm just tryin'
      Or maybe I'm just not used to having shit I never had
      Never stood in the winters and never said "I got dinner, dad"
      Shit, never even had the cash to pay my dad for getting her back
      And [?] I love you, thank you, always my favorite dad
      And it feels like yesterday literally like yesterday
      When I couldn't get one motherfucking fan to come and see me play
      When I drove that minivan for the [?] without a license plate
      To atl so I could play will power my demo tape
      Yeah, that's writing on the wall by the county [?]
      He's a friend of mine [?] and that I can't replace
      If I'm in [?], he's in [?] and we both get a play (church)
      This ain't no crew, it's a family so get it straight (church)
      So father you can tell god to part the clouds
      And let your sun shine to the minds of my target crowd
      'Cuz I know some of these people think I'm a certified artist now
      But the butterfly's still above and I'm above what I started now
      Passionate like a political poet in an artist lounge
      Hungry like a poor daddy with a gun and a starving child
      If you thought it was a flake, then you just a departed clown
      And if you thought I was coming hard, well you better think harder now
      And it's been a long motherfucking time since I felt this homesick as I do now
      Yeah it's been a long fucking time, and I just wanna say
      Hey! How you been! Amen!
      The heart of dixie's in this bitch, yeah I'm dixie witch
      But if I don't have y'all, I ain't got shit
      Throw it up, it's that alabama sound
      Much love and I never let you down
      'Cause I might as well be dropped
      Back in gadsden and cuttin' grass
      Or handcuffed on the side of the road on my fuckin' ass
      Before I become complacent on the [?] level that I'm at
      Momma will quit drinking and no poppa will smoke some crack
      Lost, yeah I may have, my mind
      But it takes a lunatic to pursue this shit
      Ay that's fine because I paid the cost
      Really more like a fine, but instead of paying for tickets now
      They pay for tickets in line to see me [?]
      The pain in the mic [?]
      Two-step in my shoes with a shameless walk
      300 soldiers I brought [?]
      Around suckers dying for chains [?]
      The new south's got a new hope with a [?] and a [?]
      [?] and [?], the truth's in him, yeah I'm a [?] assault
      Preachers yelling out prophets about wane
      I refrain [?]
      I'm a [?], just ride the beat homey, it's over
      Whatever rapper would ever say he's a sober
      I must be smoking bath salt, 'cuz I'm out of my mind
      I should have built roads from the villain, cuz I never run out of lines
      The heart of dixie

      Yelawolf - Howdy Música y Letra





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