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      Stage Lights

      Stage Lights


      Album: Arena Of Rap EP

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      Yelawolf - Stage Lights Música y Letra

      Staaage Light
      Burn one
      Trunk Muzik
      Re Re Re Mix
      we do it all for the
      stage lights
      oooooooooooo oooooooooo oooooooooo ooooooooooooo oooooo
      just for the
      stage light
      yeah and we got that trunk music yep
      Lincoln continental rumbilin shit is over yep
      so did you over shlep,
      over sleep bonus that ghetto visions a boulder yep
      drunk motherfucker I need to take me a sober rest
      fuck it give me the whiskey bottle and throw the rest in the trunk
      and let the 808 hit the shoulder net
      row the best do it screw it hold it in hold it chest hold it up
      yelawolf got the shit make you come for ritz
      he control the deck
      smoking ciggarets
      rollin Chevrolets on the start killing shit from LA to bouldercrest
      so you need a break and for the rest
      fuck you turn blue hold your breath
      call a penalty into me going shoulder ref
      we winning anyway homie you must be going deaf
      you know we going left field and we grow the best skill cut it down from the goal so you can hold the net
      if you ball in the grow a set show a check
      if you wanna win fit us in in the Rolodex
      hater why you looking so depressed
      excuse me I got a show to wreak
      and its back to the
      [verse 2]
      I put a dent in that rental buddy back to the fender
      sack a track I'm back I'm bagging sacks of this timber
      come get you some
      ricky go ricky bobby here ricky comes
      sportin a hicky from hicky chick-ies who give me some
      rolling the sicky stick give ricky the sticky thumb thumbs up
      pull up to the party with fifty some bucks
      driking not trippin cum fuck
      wit a born hippie done crump
      I get rythym like a hippie drum son
      I'm from the bottom believe it people the freedom eagle
      Americas inhaling the bible pale when I feed um
      all I wanted was to lead them to the light and see um
      now all I'm living under the lights of every colusium

      Yelawolf - Stage Lights Música y Letra





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