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      La Fiesta

      La Fiesta

      Will Smith

      Album: Willennium

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      Will Smith - La Fiesta Música y Letra

      Mic check, mic, mic, mic, mic, mic, mic
      Uh gimme more heat
      Uh gimme more heat
      Uh, uh, yeah, yeah, yeah
      1 - Everybody in the front now (whoot, whoot)
      Everybody in the back now (whoot, whoot)
      Everybody on the side now (whoot, whoot)
      La fiesta (whoot, whoot)
      All the ladies in da house now (whoot, whoot)
      All the fellas in da house now (whoot, whoot)
      Everybody in the house now (whoot, whoot)
      La fiesta (whoot, whoot)
      If I approach you correctly
      And step up to you respectfully
      Will you please ma'am bless me with the next dance?
      I don't intend to offend you
      I only intend to befriend you
      But you're willing me, thrilling me, killing me
      With those hot pants, not a chance
      I'mma let you go without saying something
      A little hotter in the bottom mama that's all that I'm wanting
      No frontin' if it is illegal for you to be that fine
      I be McGruff mama taking a bite out of crime
      Literally, first it'll be dancing with me
      Then it'll be dinner with me
      Then it'll be back to my crib
      Hold up, I'm about to get ahead of myself
      And I'm playing myself
      The type of brother that when I'm thinking of stuff
      I'm saying the stuff
      My bad, back it up let's start with a dance
      On good behavior, maybe later
      Maybe your apartment, your pad
      Sike, joke, walking a tight rope
      My foot in my mouth
      Look, all I hope is that you'll dance with me
      What's up?
      Repeat 1
      She was smiling I was kind wiling
      Thinking I was dialin' in
      She gave me the impression that she was getting my message
      So I'm testing
      I through it out there ¡®Let me buy you a drink'
      Cause when I buy you I think it'd be fly if we link
      What'cha think?
      She responded with a grin and a glance
      Then my eyes tried to seduce her to the forbidden dance
      The body of a Latin goddess, sexy but modest
      The hottest mami chula from Cuba, a cutie with promise
      The other night I seen her dancing
      Duty was over
      She did a split into a spin
      And put her leg on his shoulder
      And he was over
      If that was me and I was he
      We'd probably still be dancing
      Mami can you feel me?
      Still she said nothing
      Why she be fronting?
      Never seen another mami move like you
      Groove like you
      I'm saying I wanna dance with you
      What's up?
      Repeat 1
      To me when I'm dancing it's aphrodisiatic
      It's automatic that I look in your eyes to help fantasize
      Some people dance socially not emotionally
      Closer to me, come on close as you can be
      (Can you feel me?)
      Come on mama cut me no slack
      (Can you feel me?)
      Come on mama forward and back
      (Can you feel me?)
      Come on mama as hard as you can
      It's part of the plan
      It happens when you start with the man
      On your mark, ready set, baby let's go
      Baby let's flow, baby let go
      Baby no, no, gotta a lot more
      Lettin' it rip, gimme some of that
      *girl yells*
      Yeah that's it
      Sweatin' with me, getting it wetter with me
      It's better with me
      Gain it, other girls I dated ain't famous
      So take it or leave it
      Just the way that I eat it
      I bring, I swing it
      So you like that?
      Tell me what's up
      Repeat 1 till end

      Will Smith - La Fiesta Música y Letra





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