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      Big Willie Style

      Big Willie Style

      Will Smith

      Album: Big Willie Style

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      Will Smith - Big Willie Style Música y Letra

      (feat. Left Eye
      (this one goes out to all the big willies)
      Verse 1: Will Smith
      big Will the high roller
      strolling through with an entoruage
      hard to camaflouge when you livin' this large
      I be smooth like debarge with a five car garage
      out for the night with my squad and we be flossin' down the fifteen
      my whole auroa gleamin'
      who that kid in the green v
      envy brother schemin'
      I ain't thinkin' bout them
      racing chicks in the pink b.m.
      with my speakers tweakin'
      freakin' off this weekend
      in Las Vegas boss players all across the board move makers and shakers
      money can't break us but the places it can take us
      big will in the limelight rhyme tight
      and we gon' have some fun tonight
      Chorus: Will Smith
      now how we do it
      (you know it's Big Willie style baby)
      now how we doin' it
      (you know it's Big Willie style)
      Verse 2: Will Smith 
      I'm in a five star casino shuttin' crap tables down (boom)
      non bettin' willie watchers standin' around
      strictly millionaire status you can feel the eyes lookin' at us
      how bad they wanna be us (parlay)
      Charlie Mack got my back with his eyes on my stack
      brothers don't know how to act when you drive a four-five black
      people stop and stare havin' drinks at the bar
      a round for everybody with these big willie cards
      from civllians to stars they wanna know who we are
      it's me big Will Nas Escobar J.L. Omar 
      carry money bags collect the chips then we all quick to exit
      Verse 3: Left Eye
      It's Left Eye with a tight crew
      representin' like it's ladies night
      comin' right through
      don't be spiteful
      plus an eyeful 
      sportin' hot pink
      rocks in the link
      in the drop with a mink
      like my shit don't stink
      got you in the palm with a bomb like Sadamm
      blowing up spots then runnin' off with the pot
      Left Eye ready for action
      the main attraction
      I'm in the fast lane passin'
      breakin' you down like fractions
      while we be rappin' about things that really happen
      big willie style Philly style let's make it happen
      with mademouselle from gezals to versace
      with a sweet smell
      this female leadin' the posse
      got jokes like Cosby
      in the lots where the cars be
      with no apologies it's Left Eye
      big Will let the champagne spill
      is it a mans thing for real
      can us girls roll wit yall
      what the deal
      Verse 4: Will Smith
      well now it's lookin' like a car show
      convoys and whips on the strip
      pullin' up in the six makin' brothers sick
      for real
      big Will household name
      gold handle cane and matchin' gators
      swervin' lane
      in pole position rolling deep like a co-malition
      in soul poisition and can rock a whole convention
      movie screens to the club scene
      my whole crew lookin' clean
      shine with a diamond gleam
      step above where the players be
      don't hate me
      one is where they rate me
      lately you could find me
      behind the door marked V.I.P.
      eating grapes under the A.C.
      big willie style is how we do it
      (this one goes out to all the big willies)

      Will Smith - Big Willie Style Música y Letra






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