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      Hookah ft. Young Thug

      Hookah ft. Young Thug


      Album: Singles

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      Tyga - Hookah ft. Young Thug Música y Letra

      (feat. Young Thug)
      Baby pass me the hookah
      Pass me the hookah
      Pass the hookah
      Pass the hookah
      Tearing up the place
      I'm a rich nigga got chanel on my waist
      Run up on me playin I'm a aim it at ya face
      And that go for anybody... anyways
      I'm a rich blood by the way
      And I have swag roll it all like a tape
      Fish scale, yeah I got these bitches on the bait
      Don't wanna talk, man I said I need some space (woop woop woop)
      My new car get geeked up
      I just paid a cop, now I'm running out of court
      Panoramic top, I'm a put it on the rocks
      Crawl, walk and hop, got all these bitches shocked
      Stone molly whiter than my socks
      I don't, I don't wanna talk if it ain't 'bout guap
      Clowning you niggas I see you flop
      I buy pints by the 2 no Pac
      Rubbin on my chain blowing cloudmatic
      Smoke something with a G and bend that ass backwards
      Lay back relax and talk mathematics
      Later on we test a little sex practice
      Write my name on the wall
      Money in the mattress bet she wanna get involved
      She hopped on the blunt said 'Where the hookah y'all? '
      I tell her pass back if the shit too strong
      It's all set; Mozart art on the blog so wet
      I got a where I want her and I ain't done yet
      Looking at your future baby put down the cigarette
      Come hop on this kush jet and take flight
      Tell em bitches 'mmm fuck that'
      You wanna lay in bed I got a magic carpet for that ass yes
      I'm also on one
      Got two Olsen's on me
      Big homie
      Young Thugger Thugger rolling
      Rolls Royce so shorty
      Ben Frank baddies in the Benz waggin'
      You know she want a ride home hop on the band wagon
      I got the chain saggy
      You know that life lavish
      Lifestyles like this gon' need magnums
      Pass baby
      Welcome to rich class baby
      You all Maybelline, with ya new Celine
      Audemars on lean, cars on sheen
      You white girl but black girl ghetto fly ting
      It's verified, they ain't on your sea level
      Watered eyes don't cry inhale and breath regular
      My baby on it
      High at the crack of dawn and
      Body shape, figure 8 like Picasso draw ya
      Oh yes I'm winnin'
      Bling kingin'
      Ring blingin'
      Like like for no reason
      Let's get closer, closed in
      Remove your clothes we close friends
      Don't get choked smoking OG Oakland
      Shout out Oakland

      Tyga - Hookah ft. Young Thug Música y Letra






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