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      County Blues

      County Blues

      Snoop Dogg

      Album: Dead Man Walking

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      Snoop Dogg - County Blues Música y Letra

      [Snoop Dogg]
      Sittin in a over crowded tank
      I'm tryna see which nigga these niggaz plotin to get,
      Cause if it's me, it's on
      Loc, the Esse wit the black knights just got stoned
      And then he fell to the ground
      Plus, his homie's ain't around so he better get a beat
      It's not a jack for his scratch or his shoes
      It's life in the county and the county gives plenty
      One point for the black guys
      They rolled him up, swelled and belled
      and left him with two black guys
      He still alive so he know what's next
      Any nigga they catch lookin they gon' put him to rest
      So I made my best to protect my chest
      On point all night cause if I sleep I might
      Not make it in this world of fools
      I might come up missin if I'm slippin in these County
      1 - Niggaz f**k around in they County Blues
      You might come up missin, if you snooze you lose
      You confused the f**kin system, when you need I be
      Why? Cause it's a steady rainology
      [Snoop Dogg]
      See the first verse got'cho ass scared
      But hold up, you gotta take a trip upstairs
      What are fools always wonderin?
      Young nigga, welcome (welcome)
      [Snoop Dogg]
      I be 'God damn nigga, what'chu gon' do?'
      Stay down for yo grits cause he who slips, gets, lick
      and stuck, f**ked and all that
      Boy when you get out you betta not never come back
      I tell you that'll make a punk hard
      Put him on a killer row, where the killers kill and
      Say you don't gang-bang
      Well why your homie - baby boo callin you by ya gang
      name? (Sup
      Uhh, later that night, a whole 'nother fight
      But it's aiight, cause it's a nigga and a white
      But damn, the Esse's is deep
      And it look like they strait tryna creep, you peep?
      Creep like T-L, on the D-L
      But you fail, tryna tell Dabbity Bell
      Well, that shit was disrespectful, nigga
      You ran out on the brotha's
      That's what'chu got checked for, and deck for
      Nigga you'se a hoe (you'se a hoe)
      Uhh, and I'ma let you know (let you know)
      I mean, niggaz is bitches, when they get behind the
      But I ain't talkin 'bout all y'all
      Cause I know some niggaz from the C-P-T
      and some big homie's from the L-B-C and South Central
      Niggaz y'all know, y'all is the looniest
      Keep it true and ya County Blues doin this
      Repeat 1

      Snoop Dogg - County Blues Música y Letra





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