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      Birds & The Beez

      Birds & The Beez

      ScHoolboy Q

      Album: Setbacks

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      ScHoolboy Q - Birds & The Beez Música y Letra

      Straight to the block, to the hood, to a spot
      Cocaine to a rock, duece duece in a sock
      Every dollar closer to a drop
      Every drop is closer to a cop
      Every cop is closer to a cell
      Hit the cell your ticket right to hell
      No job, no bail
      No fam, no mail
      Institution another nigga fail
      Go from pussy to a prison tale
      Fuck that, I quit while I'm ahead
      Ship my music off with amistad
      Turn it up and here the ghetto pledge
      Live righteous nigga like my brother said
      King tut, martin luther, malcolm x, but ima shoota'
      Top ramen, knowledge for the noodle
      Finally gettin' praised
      Yeah kudos
      Doing bad, still love the need
      Connect said it's something up his sleeve
      Said, I rather bust off them keys
      Yeah nigga birds and the beez
      Birds and the beez
      Birds and the beez
      Wanna do a song, but its hard to carry on
      And my daughter hungry sitting home
      And my girl said she feeling lone
      I can't tell its over in her tone
      Only time I call is for a loan
      She be stressing, so depressing
      Always worried every time a lil nigga gone
      Stay strong for the future, stick together, yeah suture
      Get a couple wipps, yeah kunta
      Schoolboy but gangsta was his tutors
      Say money be the root of evil, look around and see what it do to people
      Veins full of heroin using pcp inject the body with a needle
      Lord help us, swear to God, dope dealers, get a job
      Keep it real this shit ain't really cool, being in a cell, you ain't alive
      Niggas quick to show out over cheese, love to help the devil do a deed
      So I rather bust of them keys? Yeah nigga birds and the beez
      Tired of the same ol' shit, niggas they faking it
      Niggas out here living foul
      Better yet they flagrant, keep these niggas right up out the game
      Keep these niggas right up out my lane
      I just wanna do this fucking music boy
      Leave this dope alone and count my change
      Q I wanna see you do your thang
      Entertainment business living limelight
      Hop on every track and move them trains
      Show these motherfuckers that you been tight, then they ever been
      Its evident that you intelligent but you can't escape that life
      And for you my nigga
      I would sacrifice myself to make it just to see you hold the mic
      And hit the stage and rock the set
      But its hard to change when your from the set
      Won't you think about it nigga, life or death
      Like a cracker would like to hang you by the neck
      Do you wanna see the boys in jet
      Or you wanna see them run way jets
      Fly to singapore one way that, tell the pilot we got stacks on deck
      Swear to God, its hard out here for a young black men to live
      If you dont do it for yourself, then please do it for your kids
      My nigga won't you tell michelle, I love your daughter
      Please dont let her grow up life without a father
      Look at what you bought her, money couldn't buy
      All she need is love, put that shit aside
      At the same time know they got to eat
      Know you got to hustle, make ends meet
      Gotta make time, gotta get a grind, gotta push the line, htc, no a.c
      And the block hot, you keep runnin', cop say freeze
      Blue pill, red pill, choose now, birds or the beez
      Count my change
      Count my change

      ScHoolboy Q - Birds & The Beez Música y Letra





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