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      Dear Lord (feat. Scarface)

      Dear Lord (feat. Scarface)

      Rick Ross

      Album: Rise to Power

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      Rick Ross - Dear Lord (feat. Scarface) Música y Letra

      [Verse 1: Rick Ross]
      I walk streets, speak brief to key piece
      [?] y’all knee deep in the streets
      Sweet lord show me a sign and close when I open my eyes I’m hoping to find what’s rightfully mine
      Serenity and respect being the man of color
      When addressed, most politicians ran for cover
      We don’t come out to vote, we’ll run ‘round with coke in the projects’ third floor gun ’round with coke
      Hustlers ballin' whore, showin' these watchin' so as a revolving door we saw it all before
      Neighbors don’t speak shit, they all at war
      And in the gutta my nigga, that’s all it was
      I’m praying for an angel that can absorb the blood
      I’m praying for an angel that can absorb the slug
      I’m waiting for the blessings, just show me some love
      When my daddy died, I came close to not giving a FUCK!
      If ye be willing an obedient
      Ye should eat the good of the lamb
      But if ye refuse and rebel
      Ye should be devoured with the sword
      For the mouth of the lord have spoken it
      [Verse 2: Rick Ross]
      What I did last night, lord, forgive me for that shit
      But that 9 to five gig won’t get that Benz
      That 9 to five gig won’t get that boat
      That 9 to five gig don’t impress these hoes
      Cuz a real bitch is not impressed by clothes
      She’ll fuck you for free, depending on what you know, what you roll
      Some back to the root, the dough baby
      Homeboys know the hoes come before the dough baby
      I’m ask em all, my passion to ball
      To fraction ya all, caskets fall, practice the law flashin the fall eat on my necks if yours
      And small jobs to the clean work for once
      A dirty nigga wearing a clean shirt, it feels nice
      Got the Cubans on hold
      While Tony ? wash money
      Turn the booth into the block
      Rappers got Glocks for me
      BANG! [Shots Fired]
      The lord is my light and my salvation
      Whom shall I fear?
      When my enemies and foes came upon me to eat my flesh, they stumbled, and failed
      [Verse 3: Scarface]
      You see God sees it all
      Now I wonder if God liked if he let this Jews get away with the murder of Christ
      Is the God you’re praying to the same God cuz mine ain't white
      With a chokehold on niggas in charge of all lightness
      Have faith for ass nigga, I’m all prayed out
      Got scarred up knees and I live in a crackhouse
      Funny how people use their religion to fuck with bitches
      Boys get molested inside the church by Archbishops
      Preachers turn into faggots
      And in the club gettin’ lapdances
      Bible contradicts, hands to the last chances
      You give your life to God, you’ll be forgiven for that
      The muslims fucked around and went to prison for that
      I guess the point I’m trynna make is if you’re white you’re alright
      All the other colors they try to muscle motherfuckers
      With that made up shit, that they fuck with
      As far as I’m concerned [?] can get the duck sick
      [Scarface talking]
      All I need is one mic, one church, one God, one life, light
      And I ain’t preaching for no salary
      I don't need no salary
      Selling the word nigga!
      And lead us not into temptation
      But deliver us from evil
      From that is the kingdom, the power and the glory, forever and ever

      Rick Ross - Dear Lord (feat. Scarface) Música y Letra





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