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      Goin Crazy (feat. Migos)

      Goin Crazy (feat. Migos)

      Rich The Kid

      Album: Singles

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      Rich The Kid - Goin Crazy (feat. Migos) Música y Letra

      "Goin Krazy"
      (feat. YG)
      [Hook - Rich The Kid:]
      Riding round in the A
      In the coupe going crazy
      I ain't worried bout shit, young nigga I'm rich
      It's fuck you, pay me
      Don't let your ho come around me
      I'm a take your lady (I'm a take your bitch)
      Riding round in the A
      In the coupe going crazy [x5]
      [Verse 1 - Rich The Kid:]
      Touched down in the A
      Maserati to Bugatti, a motherfucker start running from the paparazzi
      Got 4 hoes in the pool of my Jacuzzi
      Pull up, drop top, Phantom opera a movie
      You see the diamonds in my watch, it ain't a G-Shock
      Balenciaga on my feet this ain't no Reebok
      I'm at the W, never ever been to the double tree
      Eating steak & shrimp on the yacht, fuck Applebees
      Gianni Versace, I come to your city, take over like Nazi
      I got hoes from the A to the bay
      Riding round and the coupe going crazy
      [Verse 2 - YG:]
      It's YG 4 Hunnid
      I'm in the coupe going brazy
      No home training like my momma ain't raised me
      I'm a hustler with customers
      I sell dick to bitches, before I whip out they pay me
      All I got is 4 minutes ho
      I can't go broke got too many ways to get the dough
      I'm bipolar when it comes to that cash flow
      If rap don't work I'm a get out a bitch pussy or asshole
      I'm in the coupe going brazy
      Chucking up trees out the windows the enemies hate me
      Bompton to Inglewood, the east side villa's good
      Got niggas from the J, bitch I'm from every hood
      I been fucking with Atlanta since Michael Vick
      Been fucking with the A since the free [?]
      She said damn, he ain't say nothing to me
      Cause if I can't fuck you, then I don't speak, woop

      Rich The Kid - Goin Crazy (feat. Migos) Música y Letra






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