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      Album: No Label 2

      Escuchar lo mejor de la musica de Migos

      Migos - Payola Música y Letra

      [Intro: Quavo]
      You might call it Monifa
      But I call it Payola
      I'm getting that guacamole
      Yola, Payola, Payola, Payola
      All I ever need in my life, Payola
      Yola, Payola, Payola
      Yola, Payola, Payola
      Yola, Payola, Payola
      All I ever need in my life, Payola
      Yola, Payola, Payola
      Yola, Payola, Payola
      [Verse 1: Quavo]
      Trapping off of Motorolas
      The plug, he in Minnesota
      I got the flavors, Willy Wonka
      Gotta make sure that your ticket is golden
      I told my momma don't worry
      We gon' take off any moment
      Remember me kickin in doors and giving you jewelry from where it was stolen?
      Now it's Maserati splashin' sideways
      Never been scared to get paid
      Throwing money on the highway
      Now that Carlito the Migos' Way
      Dinosaur, alligator, komodo dragon or Giuseppe toes
      Andale came with my Payola
      Don't make me jump off the tall blow
      [Verse 2: Takeoff]
      All I need is a stove and a bando
      30 minutes, make a milli, Alejandro
      I be playing with them bowls but no banjo
      We don't sugar coat
      AK split your cantaloupe
      Adam Sandler, I control my hoes with no remote
      Quality Control in every magazine article
      You thinking 'bout robbing me
      Better off shooting yourself, Plaxico
      No scientist, for you snakes, I got the antidope
      [Verse 3: Offset]
      Broccoli, Broccoli
      Young Offset on top of you niggas like I'm an apostrophe
      No Monopoly
      I'm sticking these niggas don't make me take your momma property
      You niggas is pussy acting like a diva
      Got the 40 on my hip like a [?]
      You don't want no problems with the Grim Reaper
      When it come to money niggas get evil
      I'm not gon' let up like I'm DG Yola
      Double seals from Minnesota
      Guiseppes and now they walking on komodos
      No vending machine but I'm selling that coca
      Yola, Payola, Payola
      The feds they ran in my trap
      But they didn't find the bricks cause they was in the sofa

      Migos - Payola Música y Letra





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