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      Album: New Atlanta 2

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      Migos - Hotpocket Música y Letra

      Intro - Quavo]
      Yo, yo, hold up man
      Ay skip
      All these goddamn bricks man
      Hurry up, put em up
      There go the feds
      [Hook – Quavo]
      Put the bricks in the attic, hope the feds ain’t watching
      Sniper on the roof for you fuck niggas plotting
      Yeah she spoiled rotten, she got chickens in her stocking
      F & N on my side (fly), that’s a hot pocket
      [Verse 1 – Takeoff]
      All white Charger pull up with the police lights
      Red, blue, and white, asking questions, I’ll take flight
      Run back to my trap, stash them bricks off in the attic
      12 hit my spot, throw saran wrap and plastic
      They thought they was gon catch me slipping
      Looking and searching for chickens and pigeons
      They ain’t find shit but a fork in the kitchen
      And a couple seeds from the bags full of midget
      Finesse Takeoff, you ain’t never catch me slipping
      Keep an egg beater, yeah I’m always whipping
      Stay with a PT, always sipping
      Young rich nigga with the all gold kitchen
      [Verse 2 – Quavo]
      I’m whipping and whipping the chicken
      The bricks in the ceiling, finesse on no feelings
      The bitches they play with the water
      They splashing the work and I call em Free Willy
      Finessing the plug and I’m not gon stop till a young nigga hit a milli
      Young nigga with banana clip (ba bow!)
      Niggas start peeling
      Busting the bricks out the wrapper, I will pop you like a snapper
      Young goon put it on your head, they’ll eat your ass like an apple
      Young nigga and I’m sipping on mapple
      I meant maple, 50 bricks to the top of skyscrapers
      My house got marijuana acres
      Ay what’s happening man, you tuned in to motherfucking Brick Squad radio, you tuned into Migos right now, 1017 Migos man, you know what I’m saying, at all times I got that hot pocket on me, all motherfucking time, you better believe that, gon use it if you suckers take my soul, don’t you

      Migos - Hotpocket Música y Letra





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