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      Take it Off

      Take it Off

      MC Lyte

      Album: Act Like You Know

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      MC Lyte - Take it Off Música y Letra

      Now you called my house and you said come over
      Your mother and your father are gone, and you're alone
      with Rover the dog, but now you're frontin
      You said if I come you'd give me somethin
      So don't start playin around cause I'm serious
      What did you call me for cause I'm curious
      Or did you call me just to look in my face
      Now I know I didn't come just to take up space
      The night is right, and the stars are bright
      So c'mon now brother just treat me right
      and just take it off, I mean everything
      Hurry up pretty boy so that we can SWING
      I don't smoke and I don't get high
      but if I say I don't love well that would be a lie
      Because I do every chance I get
      But if I don't I won't fall I won't fret
      I'm no fool I got plenty of sense
      So I just be cool, and have patience
      Make up your mind, please let me know
      And when you give me the green that's when I'll go
      So please pretty boy don't hesitate
      And entice me nice and cooperate
      You tried the rest and I tried the best
      And when the time comes boy no regrets
      and just take it off
      Now take off your hat, untie your shoelace
      And after you finish, I want you to face me
      Now baby, don't get scared
      cause I'm not like the other girls so don't compare me
      Tender lovin care is all I give
      and if possible boy, well I would like to live with you
      And if I do it ain't everybody's business
      It seems to me ya just how you got into this
      Take it off, cause I'm ready to rock
      Like Maxwell baby, until the last drop
      Cruisin down the street in my SL
      when I seen this dude who was built very well
      Face was handsome, body was fine
      How did I know, I was cruisin behind him
      Looked at the car, looked at me
      Then he asked me my name, I told him Lyte the MC but
      I didn't want to outplay my hand
      So I talked so smooth he could understand me
      He was definitely the move
      I only said sweet things, that could soothe him
      Opened up the door, and he got in
      and automatically my mind just turned to sin
      I told him take it off - I mean everything
      Hurry up pretty boy so that we can swing
      I mean take it off, cause I'm ready to rock
      like Maxwell baby until the last drop
      Met this guy at an amusement park
      He was good to go and it was after dark
      You can guess girls what was on my mind
      Let's go under the boardwalk and have a good time baby
      Instead the boy asked me my sign
      And I said, "Why?" and he said, "Never mind."
      When the time come and it's you I'm thinkin of
      A sign don't make a difference only how you make love to me
      You make me feel so good you're a man
      Oooh baby I melt like cotton candy
      If I could predict the rest of my life
      I'd be a millionaire and I'd also be your wife
      So let's take a bout through the tunnel of life
      because you know what I'm thinkin of..
      .. c'mon baby just take it off
      Take it off
      Take it off
      That's right, now take it off
      Take it off
      Pal Joey, take it off
      C'mon now, take it off

      MC Lyte - Take it Off Música y Letra





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