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      Poor Georgie

      Poor Georgie

      MC Lyte

      Album: Act Like You Know

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      MC Lyte - Poor Georgie Música y Letra

      I met him in a club hangin out one night
      He said "hello i'm george.. hi lyte!
      How's everything goin huh how ya doin?
      Hope everything's fine ooh and umm
      Can i call you sometime? can i get the digits?
      And the address so i can come visit?"
      I gave him the digits that wasn't a problem
      Cause if he caused any i would have to solve them
      Cause george looked good mmm damn good!
      And if i didn't some other girl would
      In my mind, i hope for the best
      Convincing myself that this was not a test
      Cause i heard many things about georgie
      Nothing kinky, like no orgies
      I heard he knows how to make love
      Like an angel from the heaven above
      Who was i kidding i'd give him a try
      Cause lyte needs love too and that ain't no lie
      Keep your ears open, hope that you listenin
      Cause i'm about to take you on a george porgie mission
      "can it be i've stayed away too long" (2x)
      I gave him the number, i saw it in his eyes
      "she gave me the number? hmmm i'm surprised"
      Good conversation, over the phone
      He began to come for me whenever i was alone
      George was sweet, so nice and so neat
      With any other guy he didn't have to compete
      George was mature, he made sure
      That he was the only one i'd ever adore
      Girls, have you, ever had a friend
      That you'd get with, every now and then?
      I know for a fact george had a lot of girls
      Spread out from state from state around the world
      As long as he was smart and kept his girls in check
      Made sure i never saw them and showed me respect
      He didn't have to be loyal, like men should be
      I don't care about the other girls, just be good to me!
      But if i ever saw one, that would be the end
      He couldn't kick the storyline that she was just a friend
      The girls i didn't care, fine legs don't lie
      See cause georgie was into making your girls cry
      "kissed the girls and made them cry" (4x)
      "kissed the girls and made them cry"
      "can it be i've stayed away too long"
      "kissed the girls and made them cry"
      "kissed the girls and made them cry"
      "can it be i've stayed away too long"
      "kissed the girls and..."
      George was clean, no drugs and such
      But once in a while, he'd drink too much
      Hangin in a club where they play rockers
      Him and his friend, drinkin vodka
      I was lookin for him, and i found him there
      With his clothes messed up and his (fucked) up hair
      I told him he was messin up he wouldn't go far
      He got mad and asked his friend for the keys to the car
      I said, "don't drive, use your head
      Drive while you're drunk and you'll kill yourself dead"
      We begin to argue, bad words were said
      Then he got kicked out by some longhaired dread
      Ran into the car as if, in a hurry
      He started the car but his vision was blurry
      He didn't care, he drove off into the night
      Riding for miles, without his headlights
      Georgie porgie had too much on his mind
      He was still young yet running out of time
      Last week he took tests as the doctor told him
      George had cancer in his lungs and his colon
      See when he was young, he started smokin
      Paid no attention when he started chokin
      Thoughts flashed through his head, there they stuck
      Till georgie porgie, crashed into a truck
      I wished i woulda told him how i liked him so much
      How he made me feel with the slightest touch
      Now he's gone and i can't tell him nothin
      Wish he was here so i could say somethin
      The story is not to say that i'm in sorrow
      Just to say no one is promise tomorrow
      If you love someone you should say it often
      You never know when they'll be layin in a coffin
      Wake up, it's important that you know that
      No one on earth is promised tomorrow..
      Believe that! and don't think that it can't happen to you
      "kissed the girls and made them cry" (2x)
      "can it be i've stayed away too long" (4x)
      "kissed the girls and made them cry" (2x)

      MC Lyte - Poor Georgie Música y Letra






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