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      Like A Virgin

      Like A Virgin

      MC Lyte

      Album: Act Like You Know

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      MC Lyte - Like A Virgin Música y Letra

      Fifteen years old thought i was in love
      I was never told sex is like drugs
      Too much'll drive you crazy in fact
      The brother was so good had me comin back
      Took my virginity like he took my heart
      I had to find the lyte he left me in the dark
      All alone no one to be with
      And the brothers they ask me why i riff
      I got hard grew a shell upon my back
      I had to get a grip to keep my life intact
      I had to let em know, lyte is not fragile
      Cause if they think this, brothers can get - foul
      They'll use, bruise and abuse
      Dump your ass and be sure to choose
      The next fresh fish that steps into the place
      If they desire, they forgot your face
      Lovin them and leavin them, that was their reasonin
      Thinkin he was pleasin you, when he was just teasin you
      Summer was over, back in school
      He said come over, that would be cool
      I said ok, it's been a year now
      Some even asked why, some even asked how
      Could you wait that long, for me to be with it
      Some said yo hobbes, you're never gonna get it
      But then the time came, you and i both came
      Things would soon change, never would they be the same
      Before this afternoon, took place
      I was in love, i walked around in space
      I'd rush home from school just to speak to you
      Talk for an hour, maybe even two
      We'd just laugh though, nothing serious
      I guess back then, you were just curious
      To see what i was like, just to touch my flesh
      I could be wrong though, that's my first guess
      You was in your house, i was in mine
      As long as we were chattin on the line, it was fine
      All alone, yet talkin on the phone
      If you got bored you felt your bone
      And as bad as i am, i talked you through every stroke --
      Lyte ain't no joke!
      You've been beggin for some time, for me to come visit
      You never got mad though, if i wasn't widdit
      But this day was different, i was feelin in the mood
      For some slow type of groove or some soul food
      In other words sex, yeah that's better
      I threw on the jordache, the izog sweater
      That was in style then, come on don't laugh
      Sergio's, lee's, you wore those in the past
      Anyway i arrived, twenty past five
      He'd been hypin himself, sayin he was quite live
      I said here's your chance, show me some romance
      We begin to slow dance, off with his pants
      Boom it was over, damn that was quick
      Too bad little homey had a widdle widdle *horn*
      The only one i've seen, cause yo he was the first
      But since i've had others, damn he was the worst
      I was in love though, that didn't matter
      Nothin you could say, could ever shatter
      My world, take it away, just a young little girl
      Oh well
      He stepped, jet, family moved
      Leavin me in the mood for some soul food
      Damn i felt hurt, just like a jerk
      Would somebody please just mush my face in dirt
      So i can hide, from the whole fuckin world
      What the fuck is love, such a naive girl!
      Suppose i got pregnant, damn i'd be lost
      My mom woulda kicked me out to live with jack frost
      I guess i'm lucky though, lonely for sure
      Waitin for the fucker to come knockin at my door
      I didn't hold my breath though, i might be dead
      Yo 45, next time i'll use my head

      MC Lyte - Like A Virgin Música y Letra





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