Music PlayLists
      1. Back To School ft. RZA Album High Chief

      2. Wise Words Album Selling My Soul

      3. Iron God Chamber (ft. U-God, RZA & Method Man) Album Made In Brooklyn

      4. Skit Album Selling My Soul

      5. Lovespell (Original Version) (feat. Savoy) Album MK Exclusives

      6. High Price, Small Reward (feat. GZA) Album MK Exclusives

      7. Metal Lungies (OG Version) Album Presents Wu Tang The Next Chamber

      8. Cash Rule, Seeds & Power U (feat. RZA) Album MK Exclusives

      9. Chains (feat RA The Rugged Man & Killah Priest) Album Greatest Features

      10. Just the Thought featuring GZA the Genius Album High Chief

      11. Guillotine (Swords)-Fame-Animal Planet-Breaker Breaker Album Live In Bristol

      12. 1112 (feat. Killah Priest, GZA & Njeri) Album MK Exclusives

      13. No Said Date (Instrumental) Album Instrumentals

      14. Silverbacks (Instrumental) Album Instrumentals

      15. Divine Glory Album Selling My Soul

      16. Digi Warfare (Instrumental) Album Instrumentals

      17. Silverbacks Ft. Inspectah Deck & GZA Album No Said Date

      18. Armoured Truck feat. Timbo King Album High Chief

      19. Crash Your Crew-Masta Killa Acapella-Legend Of The Liquid Swords Album Live In Bristol

      20. Da Mystery of Chessboxin' (Acc Album No Said Date

      21. Digi Warfare Album Live European Tour EP

      22. Secret Rivals Ft. Killah Priest & Method Man Album No Said Date

      23. Grab The Mic (Instrumental) Album Instrumentals

      24. Money Comes First Album Presents Wu Tang The Next Chamber

      25. Born Chamber (Intro) Album No Said Date

      26. Armoured Truck (Live) Album No Said Date

      27. It's What It Is (ft. Raekwon & Ghostface Killah) Album Made In Brooklyn

      28. Clan Members Only (feat. RZA & GZA) Album MK Exclusives

      29. Things Just Ain't the Same Album High Chief

      30. Nehanda and Cream (Instrumental) Album Instrumentals

      31. Then And Now (ft. Karim Justice, Shamel Irief & Young Prince) Album Made In Brooklyn

      32. Remarkable Timing (feat. Masta Killa, Popa Wu, M-Eighty) Album Greatest Features

      33. Eyes May Bleed feat. Bounty Killer Album High Chief

      34. Cali Sun [LIR] Album Loyalty

      35. Loyalty (ft. Halo) (The Wonder Years Version) Album Loyalty

      36. Benath The Surface-Hip-Hop Fury-Fam (Members Only) Album Live In Bristol

      37. No Said Date (Acappella) (Live Album No Said Date

      38. Soul & Substance Album Selling My Soul

      39. Rhyme Tme Freestyle Album Presents Wu Tang The Next Chamber

      40. Scram (Freestyle) Album High Chief

      41. Brain Album MK Exclusives

      42. Interlude Album Live European Tour EP

      43. D.T.D. Ft. Raekwon & Ghostface Killah Album No Said Date

      44. Alwayz Know Y (feat. Icarus, U-God, Rebel INS & Buddah Monk) Album MK Exclusives

      45. Loyalty Is Royalty [LIR] Album Loyalty

      46. Silent-Knock Knock-Rough Cut Album Live In Bristol

      47. Clan Members Only (Live) (Feat Album No Said Date

      48. Masta Killa Album No Said Date

      49. Loyalty (feat 9th Wonder & Halo) Album Greatest Features

      50. Medina (East New York) Album MK Exclusives

      51. No Said Date (Skit)Accapella Album Live European Tour EP

      52. The Day After 2Morrow Album MK Exclusives

      53. No Said Date Album No Said Date

      54. Things Just Ain't The Same [LIR] Album Loyalty

      55. Resurrection (feat Public Enemy) Album Greatest Features

      56. Westwood Freestyle (ft. Method Man & U-God) Album Loyalty

      57. Grab The Mic Album No Said Date

      58. Fam Members Only Album Presents Wu Tang The Next Chamber

      59. Are You Listening [LIR] Album Loyalty

      60. Noodles Pt. 2 [LIR] Album Loyalty

      61. In The Hood Album Live European Tour EP

      62. Back To The 36 (ft. 9th Prince & Cappadonna) Album Loyalty

      63. Ringing Bells Album Made In Brooklyn

      64. Gza Interlude (Live) Album No Said Date

      65. Pass The Bone (Remix) Album Made In Brooklyn

      66. Unstoppable Threats Album Presents Wu Tang The Next Chamber

      67. Iron God Chamber (Instrumental) Album Instrumentals

      68. Killah Hills 10304 Album Live In Bristol

      69. Heartattack (ft. Blackgang Koll) Album Loyalty

      70. Armored Truck (feat Timbo King) Album Greatest Features



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