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      Run It

      Run It


      Album: The Incredible True Story

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      Logic - Run It Música y Letra

      Me and my team gotta intervene
      What's the point of living if you ain't living a dream?
      We live in a world where everybody want everything
      Everybody want a better thing
      Tryna feel ya like it's picture perfect but it's just the editing
      Man, the game been waiting for a better king
      I've been posted with my queen like coretta king
      Screaming "money ain't a thing", cause it ain't
      Man, I never knew that living out a dream meant living out a suitcase
      I've been working at a new pace
      So much money on the road I ain't even had a minute
      Not a single second chilling in my new place
      Motherfuckers getting two-faced
      Cause a brother finally eating
      Not to mention everybody gettin' two plates
      You know I only got two traits
      Drop hits, get money
      Run it
      What the fuck is there left to talk about
      I told them my vision, let 'em know what it's all about
      Industry only respect me because I'm ballin' out
      You never know who there for you until you fallin' out
      And that's the reason why I've been in the kitchen
      Working on that nutrition
      I let em listen, boy this been my house
      This is merely an addition, fuck 'em and their permission
      They was killin' the game, who the one that gave 'em remission?
      You know the name
      Who else you know wanna come up, do it like I does it
      Lyrics all up in your skull like when the barber buzz it
      Say my last shit a classic, and I wonder was it?
      Come to think about it everybody seemed to love it
      I was workin' on a budget
      Second time around shit is different cuh they know that boy good, know he does it
      I've been at it for the people that been lovin' my shit
      Not the people that been hating, they can suck my dick
      Run it
      I'ma do somethin' different for the last one
      I'ma go in
      Feelin' like matthew mcconaughey on a interstellar mission in chicago at the bottom of the riviera
      I wonder who I would be if I wasn't in my era
      I got a berretta for people but I take care of the people when I jump in the cockpit and rock it
      Been done, had this in my pocket
      I had to wait to unlock it
      Open that locket and see the picture I painted
      No we ain't never aquainted
      On the rise like a defendant
      That was charged with possession like an exorcism
      My division is solely my vision, God damn
      Can you feel it? Uh
      I had a dream I would run the game and kill it
      Had a dream, can you feel it?
      Motherfucker wanna push it to the limit
      Get up in it, make the shit infinite
      Yeah you know I wanna win it, on my independent
      I've been at it like an addict
      Never at the party like I'm democratic
      'Lotta static on the radio
      Fuck everything that they represent
      This right here is heaven sent, never irrelevant
      No never when I slide up in the spot, just a youngin' in the game
      Tryna show 'em what I got, way back
      That was the mentality, never truly reality
      Looking for validation
      With all the wrong things on my mind for motivation
      Just chillin' at the crib on a playstation
      Cause I never thought about it, never thought that people would have a song like mine in their rotation
      Til I wised up, got 'em sized up
      Ready to go, I'm feelin' fired up
      Man it's been a good ride up
      Everybody want me to lace 'em, I'm too tied up
      This a ransom
      Fist full of money then we head back to the mansion
      30 Thousand people in the crowd, we expanding
      Couple years back you ain't give a damn
      Autographs, off the plane whenever I land
      All part of the plan
      And anything you wanna do you can
      Just go and get it, fuck 'em if they don't love 'em
      Be above it 'less you're thinking your profession gon' be rap
      Matter fact you should take a step back
      Cause I run it

      Logic - Run It Música y Letra





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