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      Call It How I See It

      Call It How I See It

      Lloyd Banks

      Album: DJ Young Cee & Lloyd Banks - Bank Robbery 2

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      Lloyd Banks - Call It How I See It Música y Letra

      Ugh, I call it how I see it
      And I see it out the beamer
      With my metal Tag along picture me without the nina
      I'm a thousand Times cleaner
      And my bitch thick as trina
      But my grip is my main girl don't shit come between her
      Man I floss like the sortes
      Top 5 in the forty
      I drive by with your shorty like haha record me
      You saw me, you saw a spaceship
      That cranberry n grey shit
      My challenger a sharpy who the fuck you tryna race with
      Face it you can't keep up the pace with
      The ice beef up your bracelet
      He's nice he loves the hatred
      That 1998 shit
      That brightning bright as day shit
      That I just got a K shit
      That ya'll just better pray shit
      Jackpot domino my word play fanominal
      Kay, clue, and drama know
      I'm on the rap honor roll
      Riding with the lama though
      These jack boys robbing so
      The hood respect violence I'll smoke you on my mama bro
      I'm layed back comfortbly
      None these niggas could fuck with me
      Actually some these niggas my sons I got custody
      Misery loves company
      But all my money come to me
      Keep that on the humbaly
      You don't believe come and see
      Niggas don't fucking with him they fuck with me
      Semi auto holo flow who the fuck stopping me
      I start the car without the key
      I got the key without my L
      The only L I got, got kush in it don't even smell
      One monkey don't stop the show if you don't eat I don't starve
      I'm drunk and I'm popping mo' I bet a g I'll ma-nage
      Catch me in foreign cars
      9m entourauge
      Louie v shoe shopping 9-10 boxes god
      Niggas got bills and should'nteven have air
      Bitch niggas can't breathe bob weave air
      Same scheme different year
      Lames bleed disappear
      Aim squeeze hit his ear
      Brain dead stiff a chair yea!
      It's a 2g thing
      Dollar Sign
      And Oh Yea I am
      Top 5
      Like It Or Not

      Lloyd Banks - Call It How I See It Música y Letra





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