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      Truth Hurts

      Truth Hurts

      Lloyd Banks

      Album: DJ Whoo Kid And Lloyd Banks -4 30 2009 Happy Birthday

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      Lloyd Banks - Truth Hurts Música y Letra

      [Verse: {DJ Whoo Kid}]
      Uh! - Y'all all bore me witcha full clip stories
      Sittin' on green like bullshit jewelry. (yeah!)
      Top 5 all swagger aside
      I'm a rare gem magnified, Shotgun in Magnum rides. (RIGHT!) [gunshot]
      Not one to advertise.
      You betta guess right? - Do I got it? Is my neck white?
      Removin' dollars with' my left, right (uh!)
      Right or wrong, wrong move getcha leg swiped, hit 'til ya head white! (whoo!)
      Jet thru the red light, gamble everything that I own,
      Do it again type bounce back, Benzy on chrome!
      You and ya friends like
      Can't leave the Benji's alone, therefore my pen write, unforgettable insight. (uh!)
      Lyrical invite! (uh!) - Miracle street-wise
      Shoulda been dead 3 times, know how to read signs. (yeah!)
      See you in my MVP prime!
      Grammy night MTV shine. (SUCKA!)
      I know what we did and how we did it. - But forget that it's me a minute.
      It's like I live in the hood as much as you see us in it.
      9 millies and dymes with' it - in my New York fitted
      A hater can't get a New York minute. - City second! (uh!)
      What I throw'll fuck up ya head, you really catch it
      Nigga write one rhyme 'bout me. - Silly record!
      100 thou' vote, verbal insult - until he exit
      You think the outfit make the man, you really naked. (STUPID!)
      They hear ya stories but do they respect it?
      The words only real as who relay the message.
      I had a dream, I shared lines with' Big,
      I had a dream I shared mines with' 'Pac, with' kush pounds in stock. (whoo!)
      On a crowded public housing block
      To get thru the gate. - I'll run a hundred miles and hop!
      Track and field on 'em. (yeah!) - I bring ya whole shit down, {Whooooooooooooooooooo}
      Shaq O' Neal on 'em, haters is out. - I pack the steel for 'em! {Kiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiid! }
      Make it sting like a eel on 'em,
      When they see the drops with the big box and hologram wheel on 'em.
      European feel on 'em. (uh-huh!) - I got a Peter Warrant,
      Make Mack's in the back. - Make the V historic! (CLASSIC!)
      Don't be a waste of time, be important.
      Carry ya neighborhood, see 'em walk it much as ya talk it, shit is awkward!
      Cause I ain't heard a spitter in years
      Ya overshadowed! - Now watch how I get rid of the queers.
      The bigger the stress, the bigger the swears and grey hairs
      If they stare, what they hear in the eyes can see lies.
      I'm revised and reborn, we advised to be strong, (uh!)
      Cause it's on, fame gone, rolled on, word bond, hold on!
      You niggas tellin' me that punk shit cool?
      Salute to the real! - Cause they the ones that don't get grew.
      Caged in like a zoo! - That's why they goin' ape and shit
      Lost child taught to short smile and make paper flip!
      G-R-Double-E-... -N G-A-N-G!
      Grim reaper, B! - I'll bury any MC!
      Swishers to the head. - Cause I'm starin' at these old pictures,
      And all the niggas in the pictures is dead.
      Hungry! - Who woulda pictured me Fed?
      I worked my ass off to get me some bread, now that I'm here! - I'm a get me some head.
      It's all repetitive, party after party
      Wrong place, right time, tali's cardiac ya body. (pop! pop! pop!)
      I be soaked swag! - Ya boy cleaner than the fuck
      Steal my notepad, ya tryna heat a nigga up.
      The year is up! - Expectin' new shit to be worse
      Expect me to reign! - King since my +Victory+ verse! - Truth hurts!
      And the truth is...
      I'm on a whole 'nother level! {Whooooooooooooooooooooooo Kiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiid! }
      Hands down, I'm the hottest shit in the street right now!
      One and only PLK boy!
      SouthSide stand up!
      I'm on my shit! [gunshot]
      In the studio cookin' up this new shit!
      You know, this next classic!
      It's gon' be a problem, I swear to...
      50 whattUp?
      Yay' whattup?
      G-G-G! [gunshot]
      2 G's Up! [gunshot] [beat stops]
      [Female speaks]

      Lloyd Banks - Truth Hurts Música y Letra





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