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      Mc's Act Like They Don't Know

      Mc's Act Like They Don't Know


      Album: A Retrospective

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      KRS-One - Mc's Act Like They Don't Know Música y Letra

      Clap your hands everybody, if you got what it takes
      Cos I'm KRS and I'm on the mic, and Premier's on The Breaks
      [Verse 1]
      If you don't know me by now I doubt you'll ever know me
      I never won a Grammy, I won't win a Tony
      But I'm not the only MC keepin' it real
      When I grab the mic to smash a rapper, girls go "Illlll!"
      Check the time as I rhyme, it's 1995
      Whenever I arrive the party gets liver
      Flow with the master rhymer, that's to leave behind
      The video rapper, you know, the chart climber
      Clapper, down goes another rapper
      Onto another matter, punch up the data, Blastmaster
      Knowledge Reigns Supreme Over Nearly Everybody
      Call up KRS, I'm guaranteed to rip a party
      Flat top, braids, bald heads or natty dread
      There once was a story about a man named Jed
      But now Jed is dead, all his kids instead
      Want to kick rhymes off the top of they head
      Word, what go around come around I figure
      Now we got white kids callin' themselves niggas
      The tables turned as the crosses burned
      Remember You Must Learn
      About the styles I flip and how wild I get
      I go on like a space age rocket ship
      You could be a mack, a pimp, hustler or player
      But make sure live you is a dope rhyme sayer
      [Verse 2]
      This is what you waited all year for
      The hardcore, that's what KRS is here for
      Big up Grand Wizard Theodore, gettin' ill
      If you see then ya saw I'm in your grill with mad skill
      MC's can only battle with rhymes that got punchlines
      Let's battle to see who headlines
      Instead of flow for flow let's go show for show
      Toe for toe, yo, you better act like you know
      Too many MC's take that word 'emcee' lightly
      They can't Move a Crowd, not even slightly
      It might be the fact that they express wackness
      Let me show ya whose ass is the blackest
      I flip a script a little bit, you ride the tip and shit
      Too sick to get with it, admit you bit, your style is counterfeit
      Now tone it down a bit
      My title you will never get, I'm too intelligent
      I'll send your family my sentiments, my style is toxic
      When I rock and shock and hip hop it unlock your head, I knock it
      It split quick from the lyric
      Direct hit, perfect fit, you can't get with it
      [Verse 3]
      Some MC's don't like the KRS but they must respect him
      Cos they know this kid gets all up in they rectum
      Slappin' and selectin' em, checkin' em, disrespectin' em
      Just deckin' em, deckin' em, deck-in' em
      Who in their right mind can mimic a style like mine?
      I design rhyme and get mine all the time
      MC's standin' on the sidelines, always dissin'
      When I roll up and rush their crew they start bitchin'
      I don't burn, I don't freeze, yet some MC's
      Believe they could tangle with the likes of these
      Cross your t's and dot your i's whenever I arrive
      Wide, magnified, live like the ocean tide
      You dope, you lied, I reside like artefacts
      On the wrong side of the tracks, electrified
      Comin' around the mountain, you run and hide
      Hopin' your defence mechanism can divert my heat-seeking lyricism
      As I spark mad iszm
      The 1996 lyrical style's what I give 'em

      KRS-One - Mc's Act Like They Don't Know Música y Letra






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