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      Blood Sweat Tears Revenge

      Blood Sweat Tears Revenge

      Kodak Black

      Album: Lil Big Pac

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      Kodak Black - Blood Sweat Tears Revenge Música y Letra

      It's like, it's like once a nigga got in this lil situation everybody stop fucking with me, dawg
      They throwin' salt on my name
      Shit cray
      I'm stayin' down though
      I'm stayin' solid I be back out there soon
      [Verse 1:]
      Since a young nigga, nobody couldn't tell me shit
      It's Lil Kodak, Project baby coming straight out the bricks
      Section 8, where everyone here living off W.I.C
      If you lookin' for me, I'm somewhere hittin' a lick
      In a rental car, I'm somewhere taking a trip
      Keep my head on a swivel, out here you gotta be swift
      Lord this is my last trip, forgive me for my sins
      On my lonely, road runnin, tryna get to them bands
      I done shook back, I'm right back at it again
      Puttin' them crosses on the window now I'm gone in the wind
      In this life that I live, I learned a lot about friends
      And how they just like these bitches because all they do is pretend
      Hoes will wanna ride for you if you got your money right
      Do anything for you, suck your dick all night
      They say they love you forever
      They say they with you for life
      Soon as shit go sour, them hoe catchin' a flight
      I remember those days when I was heated them nights
      Cause all I wanted was my people to send me a kite
      I done bounced right back, they can't believe they eyes
      Everybody tellin' lies say ya boy caught a dime
      [Verse 2:]
      They say we don't fuck with Kodak no more
      He done went ghost
      We ain't listening to his songs no more, he done fell off
      He like another average Joe, like I ain't gonna blow
      They talkin' bout me like a hoe they talkin' down on me
      Tellin' lies on me, say I caught 11 years
      I done lost a lot of friends, shed plenty tears
      Could've hung me by my throat and cut my fucking ears
      Stay solid, had to do my bid, now I'm here
      Road runnin' for that money, we in Chesterfield
      You know they say shit real when you in the field
      Had to get it how I live, that's just what it is
      Tried to put my nigga on, but he fucking squealed
      I remember those nights geekin' off a pill
      I was real lil with my body full of pills
      That lil Haitian out his mind toting big steel
      Look at him he pourin' molly in the Zephyrhills

      Kodak Black - Blood Sweat Tears Revenge Música y Letra





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