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      Could Of Been Different

      Could Of Been Different

      Kodak Black

      Album: Dying To Live

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      Kodak Black - Could Of Been Different Música y Letra

      Broward County, 954, we here, I kicked the door down 
      'Nolia boy shit, 1800 block, ugly corner, tied, gleeful 
      I was hopin' that you'd ride for me the way I rode for you 
      I wish my boy was here to see the man that I grew into 
      And I know if I'm feelin' like this, it gotta be mutual
      But it ain't they business tellin' them the shit we surfaced through
      Yeah, I won't never tell the world the shit I did for you
      Even though you lied on me, that's cool, as long as you know the truth
      I don't even feel the love be real no more, so I keep my distance
      Remember I ran me up my millions, you was in your feelings
      Even that time you shake my hand and you don't even grip it
      But if I put that shit on blast, they gon' say I'm trippin'
      I'ma just follow my intuition and I'ma keep on livin'
      I wonder sometimes if you wishin', shit could've been different
      Right now I'm cheffin', it's too late, I'm doin' my thing right now
      I ain't lookin' down on you just chillin', I'm on the plane right now
      I know you miss me, but don't worry, I'll never forget you
      Even though you switched on me and it hurt me, I can't hold that 'gainst you
      Takin' everything in me and it's burnin' for me to forgive you
      You still my whoadie, still my dirty, but I ain't fuckin' wit' you
      To create my future, I had to revisit my past, revisit my pain
      But I won't never let you back in, we can't rekindle that flame
      When he got stuck on and you blamed me 'cause you know I did it
      Couldn't call on you when it was raining and it killed my spirit
      All the shit you said, you tried to shame me, tried to kill my image
      Even though you know me since a baby, and you know I'm with it
      You know I'm serious, steppin' on niggas like I ain't even got no feelings
      I'm in my cell right now, I'm wishin' shit could've been different
      I ain't droppin' no names no more but nigga, I hope you hear it
      Can't take nothin' back, it went like that, so nigga that's what it is
      Everywhere I went, I took you with me, every show I did
      Ain't say your name in all my songs no more, can't waste my lyrics
      I said I was comin' home, they said, "No you isn't"
      I'm a real nigga, so I'm dyin' how I'm livin'
      I remember throwin' rocks, now we goin' to prison
      When I got my first Glock, kept that thing with me
      You was with me on the block, thuggin' real silly
      Jumped in the game, then I popped, then you went to switchin'
      I tried to give you niggas shots, but you niggas missin'
      Soon as Lil Yella got knocked, niggas went to snitchin'
      I done been through a lot, shit you never didn't
      I had to pop a nigga top to make that boy feel me
      Crackers had me in the box, thuggin' every minute
      Young nigga, see about me, I'ma show you different
      All my life, throwin' rocks at the penitentiary
      But now my watch got rocks, no more drug dealin'
      And now my top gon' drop, I'm in a new Bentley
      Heard foolie got shot, I wonder who did it
      You my dirty, you and me, we made it from the mud
      I been wishin' shit could've been how it was
      'Bout you, I swear to God I would've took a slug
      Down to kill a nigga 'bout you, and it's all love
      This shit ain't about a stripe, this just what I'm used to
      I'm down to throw away my life, throw away my future
      'Bout street principality, no flag
      Man, that soldier-like mentality automatic
      I'm jumpin' out the pink-G truck with the ratchet
      Z's up 'til I freeze up, lil' daddy (Glee)
      Z's up 'til I freeze up, lil' daddy (Gleeful)
      Z's up 'til I freeze up, lil' daddy
      Gleefully, that's how you present that shit the right way
      You know what I'm talkin' 'bout, Broward County, 954
      You know, we don't represent, we don't re-present
      We present it once and that's what it is, that's how you step
      Can't take nothin' back, went like that, so that's what it is
      I wish it could've been different, though
      1800, SG-13, the dumb way, the long way
      Sniper Gang or no gang

      Kodak Black - Could Of Been Different Música y Letra





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