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      Sin City

      Sin City

      Kanye West

      Album: Cruel Summer

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      Kanye West - Sin City Música y Letra

      10 a.m. it's west side bitch
      She see the glasses, so obvious
      Run from home, after tonight we up out of here
      Don't go home cause they just ran me up out of there
      All of those drunken nights then fuckin' every night
      She run her mouth, but can't eat right
      Don't read between the line and forgot how to be white
      She smelled the line, baby you know you don't need white
      Now look what we did now, the cops behind us
      Ran that red light, did you have to be mindless?
      Smh, we all know that cocaine killed abel
      From the scholar letters devour this
      She stepped into hell, cause winter got cold
      Don't look in her eyes, you might see straight to her soul
      Don't say yes to that good, cause you'll never know
      Cause we lost in the city where sin is no biggy
      I'm here with open arms and i gotta
      Here is where her heart belongs
      Her heart belongs to me
      Here is where her heart
      I'm here and i won't go
      Without her, this is where her heart belongs
      It should be here with me
      Here is where her heart
      I beg for mercy today
      They won't take me away
      Take me away from you
      Don't know what i would do
      Don't let us die in vain
      Don't let them see our pain
      Wash these demons away
      Wash these demons away
      Malik yusef
      You are all unwelcome to sin city
      Yet the population still increases its density
      And that increases its intensity
      Which increases the propensity
      To complicate your simplicity
      No matter your ethnicity
      All for the sake of publicity, in this city
      Huh, bad bitches with ass shots
      Use a house as a stash spot
      Lexus coupe with the rag-top
      I'm in the loop, warm tie like a ascot
      I used to run with the have-nots
      Kept the ave hot just so we could have knots
      A lot of niggaz see they dreams in a glass pot
      Until the judge throw you in that box and watch your ass rot
      We broke all the commandments
      Authentic, i'm hand-stitched
      Come spend a day in my hamlet
      My city lost, some say it's atlantis
      I went to cannes with a tan bitch, francis
      She rode the broom on the beach, that's a sand witch
      So i ate her like it, haters hate to like it
      Sex, drugs, and playin' dices, those are our favorite vices
      But this life'll take a toll on ya
      Well i guess you gotta pay the prices
      I know who christ is
      And he never hung with the saints it makes no sense to save the righteous
      By the age ten, we were caged in
      Now they raise men in the state pen
      Fake friends, forgive 'em for they sins
      God bless the city, amen
      Malik yusef
      And now i'm one of the residents
      They walk with none of the repercuss', but all of the decadence
      And all the fuckin' debauchery
      Adult film star, somebody's fuckin' watchin' me
      I always feel like, i'm almost feel like
      Cause i could feel it in the air tonight
      I did some wrongs i wouldn't dare to right
      And wrote some songs i wouldn't dare recite
      But i am willing to share tonight
      In the city that is as unfair as life

      Kanye West - Sin City Música y Letra





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