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      Ladies Ft Twista & AK (Prod Tha Audio Unit)

      Ladies Ft Twista & AK (Prod Tha Audio Unit)


      Album: Late Nights With Jeremih

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      Jeremih - Ladies Ft Twista & AK (Prod Tha Audio Unit) Música y Letra

      [Hook: Jeremih]
      24 all the time
      7 days on my mind
      All I think about is (lovely ladies)
      So here I go on this floor in this club
      Then its on, Man it ain't nothing but
      Gotta keep a ten by my side
      When I cruise down that Lake Shore Drive
      And the night time comes alive
      They say you don't know, okay you don't know
      Well I guess I do, I guess I do,I guess I do
      [Verse 1: Jeremih]
      Okay wassup, I'm wassup first I was stuck
      But now I'm in love cause when I pulled up
      It was nothing but all (lovely ladies)
      That's right them red bones with that gino head
      Thick girls with them rhino legs
      In their mid twenties
      I can't believe overseas
      The L-U-V , puerto rics
      Japanese, no lebanese uh
      Well it really don't matter what they be wearing
      They look up in the mirror and they just keep starring
      And know they sexy as
      You can catch 'em in the club play, Rose
      VIP, belly cold, lots of hoes I mean
      Yeah that's all I got to I got no eyeballs
      Chi town, I got you, but all em
      I stay seeking for ones that be needing more
      Even more, even yours
      Sometimes I just need something closer
      That's probably why I got one over
      [Verse 2: Twista]
      We're arrived there am I kicking it with Jeremih
      In the club with a ho there am I
      Don't know what to do with them
      I'mma get 'em fucked up cause they all suck
      Mama need me so fly, I be telling you the truth
      Swag through the roof
      Red bottoms loose, show 'em what you do
      Cause you such a (We do this for the ladies)
      When I'm sober but especially
      If I go take a shot of my ciroc
      I bet you taste like skittles and your body
      Looking better than the bittles in the bottom of the pot
      Take a ride in my Aston Martin and not the black jag
      No need to ask her what she got the bougie for
      Cause in the Gucci store I bought her black bags
      24 hours I be thinking about her
      How I wanna spend some time
      I guess I'm making her mine
      I wanna bump & grind with that (Lovely Ladies)
      Take a cruise down Michigan
      While listening to J E R E M I H
      With my lady sorry if I can't (no)
      And you know they really have her head gone
      Cause I know good beauty
      I don't know if I should pick a fatty
      Or the one that got a lil booty
      To the dark, or the light, to the brown
      I'mma dash fast
      All of them smart and they pass class
      Look around the only thing I see is bad ass
      [Verse 3: AK]
      Hit the city in the maserati
      Damn she got a beautiful body
      A pretty red bone, legs long
      The way you walk, girl you dead gone
      Now put this number on your iphone
      Here state in the ride on
      Sending that beautiful lady to drive on
      Slide on while flipping thru the Chi see
      She was 5'3 thicker than a motherfucker
      Tattoo on her right feet, not likely
      She probably a pisces
      Black but a little bit feisty
      Tear drop on her right cheek for the night creep
      Hit the button, let the top drop
      Watch the cops spot,top knock
      Little for ice spot
      I got to hurry baby, chop chop
      I think I love her too much
      Because I already need a new flock
      Then I pull up to the club on Dubs
      Its A line for the (ladies)
      So many beautiful ladies in the chi
      Can you imagine them in one club
      I'm in the middle of the flo'
      From the back to the front door
      I'm surrended by all these, all these
      (lovely ladies)
      Sometimes I need something closer
      Drop her ass like a roaster
      Two leave out , one come over

      Jeremih - Ladies Ft Twista & AK (Prod Tha Audio Unit) Música y Letra





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