Music PlayLists
      1. I Am Raw (ft. SwizZz) Album Raw

      2. Tracey's Stalker Album Emurge

      3. Ruthless (ft. Hopsin) Album Features

      4. You Are My Enemy Album Raw

      5. Accord Album Emurge

      6. Baby's Daddy Album Raw

      7. Good Guys Get Left Behind Album Knock Madness

      8. Gazing At The Moonlight Album Gazing At The Moonlight

      9. I Just Can't Album Pound Syndrome

      10. Caught In The Rain Album Knock Madness

      11. Fire (ft. SwizZz) Album Emurge

      12. I Need Help Album Knock Madness

      13. Hop Madness Album Knock Madness

      14. Hop Is Back Album Knock Madness

      15. Bad Guys Get Left Behind Album Knock Madness

      16. Tomorrow Never Comes (ft. Hopsin) Album Features

      17. Press Charges Album Emurge

      18. Cover Up Album Haywire

      19. Funk Volume Album Haywire

      20. Sexy Cyber Album Gazing At The Moonlight

      21. Fort Collins (Ft Dizzy Wright) Album Pound Syndrome

      22. Mr. Jones Album Pound Syndrome

      23. Flickering (ft. Hopsin & Dead Celebrity Status) Album Features

      24. World's Turnin' (ft. Hopsin) Album Features

      25. I'm Here Album Gazing At The Moonlight

      26. The Friends Are Knocking Album Knock Madness

      27. Hip Hop Sinister Album Knock Madness

      28. I'm Not Crazy (ft. Cryptic Wisdom & SwizZz) Album Raw

      29. What's My Purpose Album Knock Madness

      30. Lucifer Effect Album Haywire

      31. Ramble Album Haywire

      32. On The Verge (ft. Hopsin) Album Features

      33. Don't Trust 'Em Album Gazing At The Moonlight

      34. Super Duper Fly Album Gazing At The Moonlight

      35. Slurpin' Album Gazing At The Moonlight

      36. So Seriously (ft. Hopsin) Album Features

      37. Break It Down Album Emurge

      38. Lift Album Emurge

      39. Bubblies Album Gazing At The Moonlight

      40. Rip Your Heart Out Album Knock Madness

      41. Don't Believe You Love Me Album Emurge

      42. How You Like Me Now (ft. SwizZz) Album Raw

      43. Low-Dough Album Haywire

      44. Outta My Mind (ft. Hopsin) Album Features

      45. Ill Mind of Hopsin 5 Album Knock Madness

      46. Independent Living (ft. SwizZz & Hopsin) Album Features

      47. Gimmie That Money Album Knock Madness

      48. What We Got (ft. Hopsin) Album Features

      49. I'm Not Introducing You Album Raw

      50. Still Got Love For You Album Knock Madness

      51. Old Friend Album Knock Madness

      52. Lunch Time Cypher Album Knock Madness

      53. West Side Album Emurge

      54. Break It Down Album Gazing At The Moonlight

      55. Hippity Hoppity (Live) Album Emurge

      56. Turn It Up Album Haywire

      57. Phsycosis Album Emurge

      58. Beastmode (ft. Hopsin) Album Features

      59. No Fucks Given Album Pound Syndrome

      60. Leave Me Alone Album Haywire

      61. The Pound (Intro) Album Pound Syndrome

      62. Swag (ft. J Money & Mountain Man) Album Emurge

      63. No Words Album Pound Syndrome

      64. Kill Her Album Raw

      65. Who Do You Think I Am Album Gazing At The Moonlight

      66. He Made Me Do It (ft. DJK) Snippet Album Emurge

      67. Who's There Album Knock Madness

      68. Tear To Snow Album Knock Madness

      69. Dream Forever Album Knock Madness

      70. Bang Bang Boogie (ft. Hopsin) Album Features



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