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      Bad Bad Bad

      Bad Bad Bad

      Gucci Mane

      Album: The State vs. Radric Davis

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      Gucci Mane - Bad Bad Bad Música y Letra

      Waz hannin?
      It's gucci!
      Aye keyshia
      Im feelin this girl man
      But she aint right ya kno
      What im talkin bout?
      Take one (take one)
      Oooooh (GUCCCI!)
      I can do bad by myself kno
      What I mean? forreal
      Okay, action goin in
      [Verse 1 - Gucci Mane]
      Rap game paid me, trap game made me
      We used to be good friends now she
      Cant stand me her man aint G her man
      Aint me her man cant be what her man cant be
      My jewelery game fridgy- white watch blizzard
      Crocodile lizzard pinky ring ignorant;
      Im careful who I step too when I step too
      And if I choose first she choose me then she special
      Long walks all night dawg I can help her bless her
      Show her how to be successfuL kiss her gucci hustler
      Sudden valley cook up second of the extra
      Stack up loud pack make her catch a contact
      Dumb sets long stacks I can make her come back
      I can do bad bad bad bad bad all by myself [x4]
      [Verse 2 - Gucci Mane]
      Ima bad boy but still there's so much good in me
      You can take me out the hood the hood is still in me
      I needa girl to feel herself but can still feel me
      Just let me be ya only choice no need for planB!
      My love life is malnutritions you my vitaminC-
      Stay down like hillary and I can be ya billy
      I'll buy ya jada pinky pinkies im tha biggest willy
      Just when I give it throw it back just like we playin
      Frisby I can do it by myself but i'd be very lonely
      Be tha diva who's my lover and my closest homie
      So if you sick and tired of bein sick and tired call me
      Pick up the yellow pages and look up gucci! (gucci!)
      [Verse 3 - Keyshia Cole]
      Aint no need in arguin about it
      If you wanna leave then just be bout it
      There's no sense in blamin me and me blamin
      You there's no reason to be untrue everything
      I got I work hard for everyday I work hard to
      Make more I can do bad all by myself I aint tryna
      Play love games cause I can do bad baby

      Gucci Mane - Bad Bad Bad Música y Letra





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