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      Your Not Ready

      Your Not Ready

      G Unit

      Album: God's Plan

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      G Unit - Your Not Ready Música y Letra

      [Young Buck] (chorus)
      You not ready for me nigga you not ready for me
      You not ready for me nigga you not ready for me
      You not ready for me nigga you not ready for me
      It's G-Unit and we bout to get this fuckin hoe
      [50 cent] 
      Yea nigga I'm the first one up
      I heard you been talking mad shit 
      why dont you just step the fuck up
      Get in my face and see whats happens 
      I'll take you out you wont know what happened like poof its magic
      yea I pull magic tricks im like B rabbit
      I beat the hell out of all you faggots
      I do it big just like a real savage
      Game wanna mess wit us we'll do it back
      Fuck all this 'get rid of beef' ya'll heard that 
      You wanna know whats happens when you mess wit G-Unit
      You get dropped,shot and punched in yo shit bitch
      [Lloyd Banks]
      Uhh Yea 
      Sit down 50 man let me get on this nigga 
      he talkin like he a G 
      But he dont wanna see me in the streets
      niggas get capped up, smacked up and killed 
      I like to do it gangsta style yea I do it for real
      I'll be yo dentist get yo chest filled Wit bullets
      Yea yo plan failed to ruin the G-units name
      Lets do it like trina and stop playin games
      Im'a spit heat flashes make you look like a lame
      And when I head in the club hoe's give me they name
      I'll do it like lil flip and say
      You a lame so yo dame must be playin mind games
      If you think you mess wit G-unit
      Think about we go in the streets and handle our bussiness
      [Tony yayo]
      Im back on that gansta shit
      When Im in the streets ya'll know who Im wit
      G-unit we kill nigga's that talk shit
      The Game has gott'n so selfish
      We the one's who put him on the map
      Take this track rewind it like Boom Boom Clap
      And you'll find out who's goin get ya
      we always goin be on 106&park like yo twin Big Tigga
      I hope you figured out why we made this song
      Cuz you really don't want to fuck wit us we king kong
      (chorus to a fade)

      G Unit - Your Not Ready Música y Letra





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