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      Whoo Kid Kayslay Shit

      Whoo Kid Kayslay Shit

      G Unit

      Album: 50 Cent Is The Future

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      G Unit - Whoo Kid Kayslay Shit Música y Letra

      [Intro - 50 Cent - talking, breathing noises in background]
      Hey pass that nigga, we gettin' high
      Yo, yo this is some bomb shit right here man
      50 can't even smoke this motherfucker (ah haha, haha)
      [Verse 1]
      I can't smoke weed, cause my PO make me piss in a cup
      Nigga go ahead, disrespect me, I'll fuck you up
      I ain't talkin' about a fist fight, I'll cut you up
      Yo don't want stitches in yo grill motherfucker, then chill
      As a young buck, niggas always knew I puff
      Yousta see me go to school, on a smoiler bus (woo)
      I'm a sped ed kid, I'm gettin' all this paper (uh huh)
      You should sit, scibble lines and see where it take ya
      Had violent tendencies, so they thought I was dumb 
      Why the so called smart kids was poppin' guns
      I think about poppin' a gun, and then get the lump sum
      Grampa my role model, yousta suck on a bottle
      A pint a Crown Royal, make your insides boil
      Been smell like Ben Gay, cause his back go out
      He the one that taught me, what bein' black's about
      Now peep the roach on the walls, that fall and crawl on my friend's 
      Wrist, Sittin' up in them Benz, to be in the pen
      In the hood we hit the number, but never the lotto
      Life in the fast lane, one wheel hit the pothole
      Let's go, let's flow nigga
      [Chorus - Singing] - 2X
      War, what is it good for absolutely nothin'
      But niggas keep frontin'
      Fuck a nigga, live like a soldier
      Die like a soldier
      [Outro - Talking]
      War, state of mercy nigga
      You see me pop off nigga
      Ain't no peace talk, bitch ass nigga
      Fake gangsta nigga, you want to seem nigga (yeah)
      You don't seem nigga, yeah nigga
      Right? Kayslay, Whoo Kid
      50 Cent, new shit
      My nigga Lloyd Banks, Tony Yayo, G-Unit
      Niggas, niggas, "Rotten Apple"
      And nigga shy money, ain't fail nigga
      Uh huh, ya heard

      G Unit - Whoo Kid Kayslay Shit Música y Letra





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