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      Surrounded By Hoes

      Surrounded By Hoes

      G Unit

      Album: 50 Cent Is The Future

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      G Unit - Surrounded By Hoes Música y Letra

      [Chorus: repeat 2X]
      Everywhere I'm at everywhere I go, I stay surrounded by hoes
      Even when I'm tryin to be on the low, I'm recognized by hoes
      Man, its gotta be cause of the dough, its got to be cause of the dough
      Cause the game sure wasn't like this before, it wasn't like this before
      [Verse One]
      50 Cent I'm makin hits now
      Don't try an act like you ain't heard I'm the shit now
      Some bitches changed, cause they know I'm fittin to blow
      You should see how they react when I come through the door
      In the club my niggaz, we fittin to ball out
      Drink till we fall out
      Some shit jump off, nigga we goin all out
      Shots big enough to tear the fuckin wall out
      I'll have your punk ass on the dance floor tryin to crawl out
      I had bad luck, then my luck changed up
      You see the Range, you see the rims all blinged up
      You ain't hear what I charge for 16, I'm makin a killin
      These other rap niggaz just catching feelings
      Haha, yeah
      Yeah that's it nigga, what the fuck you thought
      I ain't giving niggaz more than 16 for a motherfuckin freestyle
      The fuck you want for free man
      Ya'll niggaz be wanting a lot for free man
      Fuck them other niggaz, other niggaz can't rap
      That's why they give you 100 motherfuckin bars for nothing man
      You know what I mean
      Fuck that shit man, I ain't gonna sit there rappin to you all night
      Haha, the fuck man
      Hey yo, Sha Money XL, nigga teamwork
      We work hard nigga
      50 Cent

      G Unit - Surrounded By Hoes Música y Letra





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