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      One Of Them (Ft. Big Sean)

      One Of Them (Ft. Big Sean)


      Album: When It's Dark Out

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      G-Eazy - One Of Them (Ft. Big Sean) Música y Letra

      I seen that big house, I need one of them
      I seen that Lambo, I need one of them
      I seen them PJ's, I need one of them
      I see them bad bitches, got tons of them
      I seen them Rollies, I need one of them
      I see them Grammys, I need one of them
      I seen them millions, I need sum' of them
      See normal people, I'm not one of them
      Sorry, sorry, see normal people I'm not one of them
      The first time I seen that Farrari in person
      I said 'yeah, I want that I'm certain'
      And this bus pass I’ve got, yeah this shit’s just not workin'
      The world sees me one way
      I look in the mirror and see a whole other person
      Fuck normal, if ya don’t agree, I ignore ya
      I’m blowin' this money, fuck bein' resourceful
      I’m here for war and of course I’ll go get it
      I get it, I feel like I walked through a portal
      I'm here, I'm winnin', bitch look at the scoreboard
      I score more, I tour more, think twice
      Are ya sure you're more poppin'?
      Poppin' champagne and I pour more
      I get what I want and then I just want more, more
      Yeah, greedy as hell, I’m not satisfied
      See now that I have this new status I
      Don't even have to try, I feelin' this mastermind
      I am materialistic
      I want all these things that I neva had growin' up
      Things that I can get now that I got paper
      Like her, I take her
      I seen them big houses like 'I want to stay there'
      Could not have felt it if you’ve neva seen
      I want to marry Cara Delavigne
      My closet is full of that Bape and Supreme
      I'm with yo girl in my world we're gone off the heem
      I want all the dumb shit that money can buy
      You're reachin' bruh ya got no bitches you're dry
      Ya posers ya kill me like fuck ya just die
      What the fuck do ya do this for I wonder why
      I cannot fathom, she she's a bad one
      With friends with her too damn, I just got to have them
      Three songs a day every one I'm on spazzing
      This shit is not random, I told ya
      Straight Up
      Started off gettin' ovalooked man
      Turned this shit into ovabooked, man
      Niggas got problems, niggas got beef
      Send it back to ‘em like it's ovacooked
      Makes sense all about the benjis
      No other option but to win G
      My role model Oprah Winfrey
      Go and against the team ya gon' be win free
      I'm on the Anakadama man comma comma comma
      Countin' everythin' except the counterfeit
      Even change, yeah niggas say I change
      I just take that as a compliment
      Thank ya very little, plain and simple
      I don't think we'll eva, eva, eva fizzle
      Got it goin' up, incremental
      Treat a bitch like a rental
      Get it to the paper, pen and pencil! Gone

      G-Eazy - One Of Them (Ft. Big Sean) Música y Letra





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