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      For This (feat. IAMNOBODI)

      For This (feat. IAMNOBODI)


      Album: When It's Dark Out

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      G-Eazy - For This (feat. IAMNOBODI) Música y Letra

      Yeah, yeah, ah, yeah
      I waited all my life for this
      They know me, and I won't change it
      (We used to say, yeah, we used to say) all my life for this
      They know me, I won't change it, but I made it
      It's tough not to get anxious
      Exercisin' my patience
      I thought it neva would happen
      I swear I waited for ages
      Had faith in the journey
      I said "let's see where it takes us"
      We want gratification
      But see it happens in stages
      With a team on my back
      A couple times might have cracked
      But neva broke and I can hold them in fact
      Man, ya know how much weight was on him?
      Must have came from within'
      My lanky ass don't even go to the gym
      And now I'm in, just one, but twenty mixtapes to my name
      A lot of y'all would lose yo appetites
      With a distaste for the game
      Lot of y'all would call it quits
      Becos' ya just chase for the fame
      Tell my story to inspire ya
      Just in case you're the same
      Self-made, now I employed ten of my friends
      Tryna move moms out the honda
      Tryna send her a benz
      Appreciate it all becos' ain't no tellin' when this shit ends
      Unless this is all a dream and then it depends
      Well, yeah...
      Listen, yeah, and all we eva wanted was chances
      Dreams of life changin', checks from label advances
      Coppin' mansions
      The kind of conversations marijuana enhances
      Back then I let them know what my plans is
      A poet in sixteen bar stanzas
      Sixteen with dreams so far fetched no one understands us
      Playin' shows in stadiums
      Where everybody way up in the stands is
      Standin' on their feet, I paint the picture on canvas
      That I seen, in my dreams in quick visions and glances
      Woke up in nyc today, don't think we're in kansas
      Anymo', but sometimes it's hard to be sure
      Cos' if I dreamed that it happened, did it actually or?
      Am I just still asleep, and none of it's real
      Wake up tomorrow right back in the struggle
      Tryna come up and build
      I don't know this shit gets deep and ignorance is bliss
      It's all I've eva luvd, I waited my whole life for this, yeah
      Yeah, reportin' live from nyc
      Two thousand and fifteen and foreva
      Yeah, uh, yeah
      I don't know how to end this shit
      Yeah, uh, yeah

      G-Eazy - For This (feat. IAMNOBODI) Música y Letra





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