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      Album: Super Slyme

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      Future - Three Música y Letra

      [Intro: Young Thug]
      DY crazy
      Peter Piper picker, I never kept her
      Peter Piper pepper, we never kept 'em
      [Verse 1: Young Thug & Future]
      I got more bracelets on than you got chains, bro
      Me and my dawg's dope came in on the same boat
      Whippin' the same dope, I put the bitch in the eighth stroke
      Right out the ghetto, too rap for the Leto, yeah
      Caught my first body out in Bentley Coupe, yeah
      Ten real murders from my Migos, yeah
      Rock the Cuban link, top of my knees (yeah, yeah)
      Ostrich seats, bite your sleeves (yeah, yeah)
      Trippin' 'em up like a referee, up with these gators (yeah)
      Trip on my spot, it was no more basic cable (yeah)
      I mixed some Act with some yellow Tuss like a Laker (yeah)
      Three shot 'em like a mothafuckin' Pacer (Southside, yeah, yeah)
      Never lose like my mothafuckin' McGregor, ya heard? (Yeah)
      Inside the whips come red like ketchurp (Yeah)
      Count this money up with glasses like a niz-zerd (Yeah)
      Codeine laboratory like on Dexter (Yeah)
      Bad yellow skin, Filipin'
      Envious and gin never win
      Chrome Heart lens, help me see 'em
      Hit him in his back, South Central
      Made a lot of M's right from sinnin'
      Ready to smoke, the pimp 'bout my women
      I prefer the shrimp, tired of chicken
      Ever saw me limp? That's-
      [Verse 2: Future]
      I got more rings than you got hoes, bro
      I bought my BM a Bentley with the wings, yeah
      I let my kids fly private, I'm Supreme, yeah
      Real killers move in silent, take that clean batch, yeah
      I want the one with the real hair
      I'm out the jungle, a real bear
      Put a chinchilla on anywhere
      I'm out that zoo, zoo, zoo
      I'm a gorilla, ape, nigga, ain't ate
      Ain't satisfied 'til all you niggas in yellow tape, yeah
      'Cause these niggas, they ain't loyal, they been chillin' with the opps
      Doe Boy came in that 450 Spyder straight from off the block
      Had to throw my crack a few times, don't fuck around with no cop
      Check on Google, I'm out my noodle
      I feed shrimps to all my shooters
      Ayy my bitch a bad bitch, so I turned her to a recruiter
      I'm a real assassin, quarter M for a back end
      Shawty got real sassy when I gave her that Patek
      If I bust it down today she'll never gon' go back average
      So much Chanel, I might as well open up my own store
      Used to use these bales as pillows, sleepin' on floors
      Original BMG nigga, yeah the Feds know
      I'm the richest nigga came from Lil' Mexico
      [Outro: Future]
      If you ever catch me limpin', 'cause I'm a pimp
      Chrome Hearts help me see the haters, I can see 'em
      Gotta keep 10 mil' stashed under my hoe's bed
      And I gotta keep some ice like a meth head

      Future - Three Música y Letra





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