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      Album: Monster

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      Future - Radical Música y Letra

      [Intro: Future]
      [Hook: Future] (x2)
      Fuck up your attitudes
      Fuck all the gratitude
      All my bitches magical
      All this shit magical
      All this shit radical
      All this shit radical
      All this shit radical
      All this shit radical
      All this shit radical (x16)
      Tiger stripe, Alexander Wang and Balenci
      All this white nigga I just came in from Fendi
      Purp type bitches, I just came like I'm Jimi
      Out of sight, all this fucking brain on my agendi ?
      Matte white mid, got it wrapped around a rover
      Out my mind nigga, I'm so gone off that soda
      Fuck the soda rover, I just poured up a 4 up
      Yellow yellow mojo, I got mojo, I got yellow
      Better not have no panties on the next time you see me
      Hydoplaning, grab the tooly, futuristic treatment
      Fuck the fame nigga I'm walking around with that semi
      Fuck the plane nigga I'm bungee jumping out so freely
      All this, all this, all this shit
      All this all this shit
      All this all this all this shit
      A for all this shit
      Camel head on me I went blonde cause Im bougie
      Matter fact nigga I got St Laurent groupies
      Fuck your attitude, I'm riding round with that uzi
      I'm the same nigga pull that rari up at crucial
      Fuck that laughing nigga, I got you girl and made a movie
      Had her gagging nigga, she eat pussy like its sushi
      Fuck them ballys nigga cause I'm barely going to Lennox
      Real Atlanta nigga, posted up and eat at Benis

      Future - Radical Música y Letra





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