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      Album: Monster

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      Future - Hardly Música y Letra

      Produced by Southside]
      I remember, it was New Years. We was in the studio when I did "Chosen", my nigga Double D was there. I started sayin' look D Chinchilla cause he had the chinchilla and shit. Real, you know what I'm sayin'? This that super Future, fire marshall Future, Future Hendrix, you know the whistle, you understand me? Yah dig? Yah dig what I'm sayin'?
      Hardly, hardly, hardly, hardly, hardly, hardly
      Hardly, hardly, hardly, hardly, forget anything
      You know I hardly forget anything
      [Verse 1]
      Call them niggas to the dirt
      Margiela my fur
      I was overdosin' on percs
      Wakin' up, drankin' that syrup
      Bentley Spur with the curtains
      Balenciagas, my proteges
      I wear them shits like Michael Js
      Wash the molly down with champagne
      Wash the zanny down with syrup, yeah
      Hope it take away all this damn pain
      Hope it take away all this damn pain
      [Verse 2]
      Crack in the bushes
      I'm tryna buy me a new 88 Cutlass Supreme
      Every day hustlin', I gotta go get it
      I gotta get Wu-Tang, man, gotta get cream
      Long as they print it, my niggas, come get it
      All of my love, I gave it to my city
      All of that game you gave me, can't forget it
      All that finessin' you gave me, ain't forget it
      I turned the whole world up
      Now they wanna treat me like an outcast or somethin'
      These niggas so broke, instead of go and get it
      They'd rather go ask for somethin'
      Remember them days I had to load it up
      And put on my mask for somethin'
      Remember we juuged for somethin'
      Remember we take for somethin'
      I spent 3 stacks on these Rick Owens, I try my best to forget it
      I pour my life inside these poems, my whole soul and my spirit
      I'm easily agitated, get intoxicated, try to fight the demons
      Tryna find right and my wrong, hope my legacy live on
      Hope my legacy live on
      That's why I wrote this song
      I ain't have to write this song
      Future Hendrix is forever

      Future - Hardly Música y Letra






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