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      Album: Monster

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      Future - Gangland Música y Letra

      [Intro: Future]
      Future Hendrix
      It ain't a secret
      Straight up
      [Verse: Future]
      I'm the one who got the presi' flooded
      You wear more chanel than anybody?
      You the type to get ya man indicted
      I'm the type to pull up in a Spider
      I'm the type to drive a hummer
      Put a hunna round clip in a dirty riffle
      It's dirty when it got a homi on it
      Fuck that nigga put a bounty on em
      I'm the one that put that dirty in the cup
      Had you sippin' noddin' off nigga
      You was gettin' fronted runnin' off nigga
      I made myself to a boss nigga
      Put a hundred carats in a cross nigga
      Put a 200 thousand on a cross nigga
      Could never sleep cause it a cost niggas
      They can never see my palms sweaty
      You a never seen the hunger in me
      I'm sick and tired of being humbled nigga
      This money put a lot of demons in me
      Went and tatted all these angels on me
      Fuck that nigga put a tracker on em
      Then we throw a Pat Riley on em
      These commas coming in
      These haters coming in
      The karma coming back from when I was gettin' it in
      My baby mama tryna sue again
      Bought my littles wins Christian Louboutins
      Get my nigga Conversary in the pen
      Got the federallies on a nigga chin
      Fuck the Benz, imma whip the Spur
      Fuck my Spur & bought my bitch a Ghost
      I'm full of syrup and I'm seeing ghost
      I'm pushing Heroin right through NO
      Got that boy boy like New Orleans ya hear me? Runnin that pack through Chi Town, Memphis, All up through B More & DC
      Lil' Mexico turf a gang land
      Maybe Kane like I'm Soloman
      Does anybody kill a nigga?
      Do you have the heart to kill a nigga?
      100 thousand for a lawyer, gotta be a Johnnie Cochran. Take the dope off the border, from the water, put it in the water
      [Verse 2]
      Know some Mexicanos down in Georgia(my migos)
      We on every channel when we pop it
      Hit em in the head and start braggin' bout it
      They on 7th street
      They gotta bunch of bodies
      Gotta bunch of chains
      My neck is very crowded
      When I flood the street
      They have a powder shower
      Know the recipe, you need to learn about it
      Finnesin' niggas, gotta learn about it
      I could cook it in the microwave
      I got ya baby momma with the shits
      Got ya son sittin' on a brick
      My teacher said I wouldn't be shit
      She even know what I represent
      Free Band Gang President
      Money up, everything nigga
      Everything else irrelevant

      Future - Gangland Música y Letra





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