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      Codeine Crazy

      Codeine Crazy


      Album: Monster

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      Future - Codeine Crazy Música y Letra

      Codeine crazy, yeah
      Pour the bubble in, pour the bubble in
      Pour the bubble in, pour the bubble in
      Pour that bubble in, we done went through too much
      You hear me?
      Pour that bubble in, drink that muddy drink that muddy drink that muddy
      When we're cuddling, yeah I'm covered in
      I was dug in it, I was just loving it
      As far as muffling, thats for the other bitch
      They ain't for you dog, thats for them other niggas
      That ain't for you shorty, thats for the other bitches
      I'm going crazy bout it, I'm going codeine crazy
      Thats how I'm living it, I fill the bubble in
      I drink it bubbling
      Think I'm a problem for drinking out the bottle when I fuck the models yea
      All them other not as [?] but its [?]
      Don peringnon I know you ain't from around I show a round off
      I pull up with my rims 9 times out of ten
      I can rip through your town with two grams and a pound
      I grew up on the ground with the dealers on hound
      We order more bottles fucking more models and pass em around
      I see everything triple time, Rollie, AP, Hublot triple time
      I just know the ones you call em pun, I should have to pay withouth [?}
      Looking at me like a triple threat, everytime a nigga talking shit
      Smoke the kush like a cigarette, running back with my intimate
      Celebrate like a championship, celebrate like a championship
      Celebrate like a championship, celebrate like a championship
      I told you I told you I told you I told you I told you I told you
      Dont tell me you celebrate, to the mula, I should've rent the ruler with the jeweler
      I just wish you'd stop perpitrating like a [?], I been doubted by niggas as soon as out of the zoo
      Like a loaded chopper, I'm 'bout to shoot it
      I'm so fucking sick and tired of these rumors
      I just dived inside a cutie, we spoonin'
      Take it back and take a look at yourself
      Take the lesson; put it all in the air
      Too many days gone by
      Sittin' by the phone - waitin' 'til I reply
      Dry my eyes, believe it or not
      I could never see a tear fallin'
      Water drippin' off of me like a faucet
      I just took a bitch at edai with polly, spent another 6 thousand on a roller
      All my diamonds got you brainwashed, she sucked my dick and got my brainwashed
      And for the shit it got your man popped
      See what they did to biggie and pac
      Pour a lil' liquor, pour more lil' liquor
      Pour that pour that pour that
      Codeine crazy, codeine crazy
      Codeine crazy, codeine crazy
      Codeine crazy, codeine crazy
      All this motherfucking money got me codeine crazy
      Drownin’ an activist, suicide
      When I hit the scene it’s homicide
      Diamond pinky ring – a lollipop
      Fuck the hater – I pull up in a drop
      Diamonds colder than a glacier
      Ballin’ harder than the Pacers
      I been tryin’ to have some patience
      Told my momma she should pray on it
      Told the streets they gotta wait on it
      She gonna put a nigga name on it
      I just dropped a whole thang on it
      I’m making U.S. G’s overseas
      That’s U.S. dollars that you can’t achieve
      Fucked my white girl, she said “Nigga please.”
      Fucked that white girl, she said “Nigga please.”
      Playin’ poker – now we’re back at Stroker
      I forgot her name, but her pussy’s soakin’
      When I seen her on a pole…
      Reminded myself when I used to come over
      Reminded myself when I used to get loaded
      Remindin’ myself that I’m still gettin’ loaded
      The crew fully loaded. This whip fully loaded
      This whip fully loaded. The clip fully loaded
      I try to control this
      Let’s wrap up some bottles and pop off some bottles
      These nigga’s who bogus
      Let’s pour up propane. I don’t fuck around flame
      Like I’m kick, cuttin’ problems
      I’m a fuck around fame – I’ma fall on a drank
      Rockin’ Tom Ford. Poppin’ molly
      Married to this motherfuckin’ money
      You thought I forgot about us? I know that you know I dont fold under pressure
      I'm back on the roll I get loaded with powder
      We live by the codes of the ghetto
      I'm closing this out with my memo, im treating this shit like a demo
      I'm putting my heart and my soul in the shit and some mo'
      I'm in that dolce gabbana, I might get after madonna
      I get the crack in the summer, trapping in the lac and the hummer
      Fronting some crack to my partner, so all this lingo got an advantage of dropping
      Fuck the fame I'm sipping lean when it dropping, all this cash here and nowhere to hide it
      I'm an addict and I can't even have it, don't you buy the paronamic [?]
      They was tryna' serve me at the arrangement, I'm never coming on and you can never play me
      I'm taking everything that comes with the millions
      I'm taking everything that comes with my children

      Future - Codeine Crazy Música y Letra






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