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      Big Rube Speaks

      Big Rube Speaks


      Album: Honest

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      Future - Big Rube Speaks Música y Letra

      I'm stainless
      Tethered by earth and flame
      Mixed with time and pain
      Ingrained with higher purpose know the worth of my name
      And the product I done came with
      Not blameless for the straps and the dope that I hold
      The sacks that I sold
      Kept my baby out the cold and her belly full of food
      And her back never lacking of clothes
      This game is so grimy it's impossible to win with your innocence intact
      Matter of fact it deranges
      The person that you wanted to remain intrinsically changes
      We can actualize but our actual lives are affected by a hunger for sane-ness
      In the back of our minds are the nastiest lines that a dope emcee never came with
      Once we get tired of fakin', unchain the beast in the brain that awakens
      See the clear path that I used to couldn't see
      Be the kind of artist that I thought I couldn't be
      Become that man that'd rather die standing than ever live head down bending a knee
      So I purify my soul in the land of the fire
      My sweat and my tears dull pain
      And the blood that I leave on the battlefield proves what I've always known
      I was born to reign

      Future - Big Rube Speaks Música y Letra





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