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      We Winnin' (Feat. Scooter) [Prod. By Lil Will]

      We Winnin' (Feat. Scooter) [Prod. By Lil Will]


      Album: Dirty Sprite

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      Future - We Winnin' (Feat. Scooter) [Prod. By Lil Will] Música y Letra

      My ice so rugged got my body on cold
      I got bad bitches round me everywhere I go
      Winter summer spring fall weather change ??
      Gotta straighten out your stacks when them stacks won't fold ayy
      We winnin [x6]
      [Verse One: Future]
      Fine ass dimes on my my line on chill
      I go to pluto thats a sign that my ice all real
      I got that water drippin off me from my neck to my ears
      When them packs touch down we run through em over here [x2]
      I set the world on fire, it's my hood premier
      I got the lawyer in the studio to scrape em out the rear
      I have a check for your mothers it would take a month to clear
      I'm throwin' money in the air bitch holdin' back tears
      For my nigga june bug got life plus 99 years
      We poppin' bottles every day like its a brand new year
      I bought a audemar piguet and they lookin' at me weird
      I'll fly to miami today to cop some fresh new gear
      [Verse Two: Young Scooter]
      Finessin is a sport you know my whole team winnin'
      Stupid june plays on my way to certificates
      I love the express ways whole car stuffed with pigeons
      Lifeless, I fucked her fifty thousand on the bentley
      One day I made like fifty thousand of the midget
      Same day hit the jeweler up and go spend it
      Next day two hundred fifty thousand on the bentley
      Thousand pounds it take me just an hour just to get it
      Two hundred bricks
      Gimme thirty minutes I'll have em to you
      Remix you can't even see it when you get it
      Fo fo done fucked up every check in the city
      Free bandz black amigo gang yeah we winnin
      [Verse Three: Future]
      Pour some water dog like a water fountain leak
      Had a seat from angola you can't find us in the street
      Keep a mac like a computer you lil niggas ain't sleak
      Heard I'm rockin ?? bitch i got em on my wrist
      I put the hood on my back went and hit me a lick
      A street nigga with no patience need the lambo quick
      Got the glitz and the glam all thats missin is paperazzi
      Hundred bottles of Rozay keep the champagne poppin'
      Celebrate I'm a champion with superbowl options
      At the party out the trap like gotta stay toxic
      Got the money got the bitches got the cars and they topless
      Could've been off in this movie nigga but you was too busy frontin'

      Future - We Winnin' (Feat. Scooter) [Prod. By Lil Will] Música y Letra





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