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      So Cold (Interlude)

      So Cold (Interlude)


      Album: Dirty Sprite

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      Future - So Cold (Interlude) Música y Letra

      [Intro: Future]
      A1, da kidd kidd [?]
      [Hook: Future]
      When I reach inside my TRUs I pull out a big bank roll
      As I scroll down my contacts I got over hundred some hoes
      I'm on that strong Cali pack say it look like my eyes closed
      And the ice around my neck will make a nigga heart so cold
      [Verse 1: Future]
      Walk like a ball player talk like a migo (one time)
      Watch worth a bale (OK) and my neck on a kilo (a brick?!)
      Guacamole stuffed in the TRUs (racks) you see notes (hundreds!)
      Long wave racks on that alley where I trick her [steroids?]
      Strong in my system I can barely even see ya (kush!)
      Young, fly momma-sita slice it like pizza (so exciting!)
      Heard she was diva and i did her with my people
      Didn't your wifey tell you how we fucked and had a threesome?
      Didn't your wifey tell you how the ice shine brightly?
      Didn't she tell you 'bout the audemar or the breitling?
      She told me how the diamonds had her dripping wet excited (cool!)
      Smashed her in the studio and kicked her out politely
      [Hook: Future]
      [Verse 2: Future]
      Yeah, I don't gliss I shimmer got them hoes in a phantom [?]
      Fuck 'em 'til I can't remember could of been January, May, June or December (forgot)
      A1 freeband gang, nigga i'm a member
      Get money in the fall, spring, summer and the winter (juice!)
      Been around the world on gangster adventure (1000!)
      California so loud you can smell the picture (strong!)
      VVSs on, meth [?] you can see the crystals (ice!) my nigg in a blizzard
      [Hook: Future]
      [Verse 3: Future]
      Military training got my gucci army hat on
      Gucci belt holding up the TRUs that I have on (designer!)
      Gwa-llet in my pocket poking out like offset
      Fuck my bitch friend have my old girl upset
      Old school Corvette '65 pace car
      Money going round and round fast like NASCAR
      Dale Earnhardt sponsored by the bud
      Ice light up cause I'm sponsored by the drugs
      La familia nigga i'll explain later (freebandz!)
      100 thousand on the whip and I didn't have to save up (jugg!)
      Movie star, rock star, cocai-ina flavour
      I love the money so much it's hard for me to cake up
      [Hook: Future]

      Future - So Cold (Interlude) Música y Letra





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