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      Pop Them Bands (Feat. Travis Porter) [Prod. By DJ Spinz]

      Pop Them Bands (Feat. Travis Porter) [Prod. By DJ Spinz]


      Album: Dirty Sprite

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      Future - Pop Them Bands (Feat. Travis Porter) [Prod. By DJ Spinz] Música y Letra

      [Hook: Travis Porter & Future]
      I ain't tellin no jokes my money ain't funny
      I'mma throw them bands
      We rollin up blunts and throwing up hunneds
      I'mma throw them bands
      Don't worry bout lames they ain't gettin no money
      I'mma throw them bands
      Yeah oh yeah yeaaah
      You know them red bottles cost me
      Louis V be costing
      We walk in the club we be droppin
      Doe Migo love talkin
      Future love talkin
      Travis they be talkin
      [Verse 1: Future]
      Ain't tellin no joke
      I'm runnin out of loud
      I'm poppin them bands
      They lookin like wow
      Wow wow ain't worry bout young nigga jokin my style
      I drop bands on a bitch
      Make a bitch proud
      I can buy a bitch purse
      1 joog at a twerk
      I'mma gone go beserk
      Droppin bands on cerk
      Fuck scout foo foo young nigga gettin murked
      Got bands got bands got bands got bands
      Dats all I'm sayin I'm sayin I'm sayin
      You thank I'm playin I'm playin I'm playin
      And my lil nigga get to sprayin
      [Verse 2: Travis Porter]
      Pop 1 pop 2 pop 3 ain't nuthin boo
      Thug life like Pac boo
      Bands on bands get loose (yeaaaaah)
      My money don't fold (noooooo)
      Smoked out choked out
      Everythang black loc out
      Pull up to the club buy the whole bar
      Keep it on my hip can't keep in the car
      Shinnin like a mutha fucker lookin lik a star
      Pull in my VIP bustin' down the guard
      She wanna fuck cause she seen my car
      You and her ronda trov
      Louis belt like dat her
      Her friend they dikin
      [Verse 3: Travis Porter]
      So I pull up, hop out
      Cameras, flash, bitches, pause, and they dance
      Say whats up wit you...
      You see me oh yea
      You wanna see sum cash
      I wanna see sum ass so why you fuckin playin
      I know you see these bands
      And they gone throw it to
      Cause them my fuckin man
      See me I'm throwin hunneds
      Just cause I fuckin can and
      That young nigga Ali - dat who I am...yea

      Future - Pop Them Bands (Feat. Travis Porter) [Prod. By DJ Spinz] Música y Letra





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