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      Album: Dirty Sprite

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      Future - Intro Música y Letra

      No comin’ attractions
      Welcome to the feature presentation (Freebandz shit)
      Please turn your ringers off – no talkin’
      (Put in that work, nigga – paid dues)
      Consider this the opening credits (the movie)
      (Rags to riches, man)
      (Seattle niggas are turnt)
      Let’s begin out show
      Trust me, y’all ain’t seen this movie before
      Y’all ready?
      Swagger on me
      Designer on me
      Money on me
      Swagger on me
      Designer on me
      Money on me
      Swagger on me
      Designer on me
      Money on me
      Dice on me
      Mollies on me
      Lean on me
      Lean on me
      Hundreds on me
      Thousands on me
      Shower on me
      Pourin’ on me
      Champagne on me
      These bitches on me
      Switchin’ on me
      Kissin’ on me
      Cars with me
      Bodies on me
      Bacardi on me
      Bugatti on me
      Trust, homie
      Millions on me
      LA on me
      If you call me
      Baby with me
      Wayne with me
      Propane with me
      Rich Gang with me
      Rocko with me
      A-1 with me
      Free bandz on me
      My gang on me
      My family on me
      My kids on me
      That burner on me
      That chopper on me
      A hundred on me
      A hundred rounds on me
      Those hollows on me
      Big Mike with me
      Cat with me
      Scooter with me
      Esko with me
      X-Rated with me
      FreeBandz with me
      I’ll say that shit twice
      FreeBandz with me
      I’ll say that shit twice
      That ice on me
      Those diamonds on me
      VVS is on me
      That Audemars is on me
      Presidential on me
      Gold on me
      Versace on me
      Feel with me
      Extended clip on me
      Fifth war with me
      Late with me
      That check on me
      Westside with me
      Eastside with me
      They gon’ ride with me
      Cliff with me
      Zone 6 on me
      Zone 1 on me
      Zone 4 on me
      Your ho on me
      Sharec with me
      I wreck with me
      That loud pack with me
      St. Louis on me
      Them killers with me
      Dog food on me
      The trap with me
      Them Haitians with me
      Them Zoars with me
      The Haiti on me
      Miami on me
      Tampa on me
      The South on me
      Houston on me
      Them boosters on me
      The robbers with me
      The jockers with me
      Finesse is with me
      Blessings on me
      God on me
      Pain on me
      Struggle on me
      Hustle on me
      Knowledge on me
      Style on me
      Your style from me
      The south with me
      Roll with me
      The north with me
      Zone 3 with me
      I keep that four with me
      Pounds on me
      Pimps with me
      Ain’t got a scale on me
      A bail on me
      Fishscale on me
      Gambino on me
      West coast on me
      The mob with me
      Yeah, my niggas with me
      And your bitches on me
      His bitches on me
      They switchin’ on me
      Hatin’ on me
      Envyin’ me
      Deceivin’ me
      Lyin’ on me
      Spyin’ on me
      Investigatin’ on me
      The movie

      Future - Intro Música y Letra





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