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      Where I Came From

      Where I Came From


      Album: Beast Mode

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      Future - Where I Came From Música y Letra

      I'm true to the game, and fuck all that playin'
      You see where I came from
      Got that dope in my hand, they try to jump out the van
      You know where I came from
      That 30-round clip, fuck all that playin'
      You know where I came from
      Chevy Impallas and Regals, Man
      23 bricks in a speaker, Man
      You know where I came from
      The Feds picked a couple niggas up
      Now, we duckin' them Feds now
      It's hard to come by some Activis
      Now we drinkin' that red now
      Cocaine all on my scale now
      Molly, that molly, my scale now
      I been gettin' at it since juvenile
      I used to trap out my Grandma's house
      We get it poppin' on any corner
      Pourin' the lean like it's straight Corona
      I got the shit that the gutter feel
      I got them pills make your brother kill
      I done fucked 'round and took two of them
      Gotta serve it at the house where your little one at
      I serve my Auntie that water
      Shit, I serve my Momma some water
      Cutlass and Regal, the color
      And 'rari, that Benz, diablo!
      I pull up in a Diablo
      Money that mucho de nacho
      Blood shot, eyes red
      A couple guns, Iraq
      Got a pretty young thing
      Let her bang on the South Side of Chiraq
      Got a pint of syrup and I pass it
      I was re'in up with that plastic
      Hundred round drum, I'm Bin Laden
      Nigga, ridin' 'round in these Bally's
      I fuck 'em up and I jugg in 'em
      I fuck with these niggas to a minimum
      I walk in a check and I talk a check

      Future - Where I Came From Música y Letra






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