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      French Montana

      Album: Coke Boys 4

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      French Montana - Ballin Música y Letra

      [Rick Ross]
      My cocaina, come manana
      So I could blow a couple dollars
      She see these diamonds on my collar
      She wanna fuck a fuckin baller
      Ballin, She wanna fuck a fuckin baller [3x]
      Ballin, Kilos in the attic chico
      [Verse 1: French Montana]
      But of course shorty sore for like 8 weeks
      You know I beat the pussy up like them Dre beats
      Its only right shorty fuckin with a fuckin baller
      If its black card baby gon fuck tomorrow
      Here's 10 stacks, feel like I bought her
      But fuck it, me and Cafe' just left the border
      5 million dollar house and I ain't talkin slaughter
      Talkin paid in full bitch and I ain't talkin Porter
      And that ghost got a stash box in it
      200 on the dash fly by cops with her (Like ayye)
      I be ghost ridin, got them hoes smilin
      Bought that bitch a smart car now we both ridin
      [Verse 2: Charlie Hustle]
      I get it from me prima
      Yall niggas might have seen her
      The cokin cowboys, they goin' La Marina
      You fuck up her money, Oooh mama mia
      Rather be burnt with gonorrhea
      Than cursed with santeria
      These my nina for that white girl like Chritsina's nina
      Oops I mean nino, all the white boys
      You know gardio, or like Rozay say that cocaina
      Whip it back in the cocina (now we)

      French Montana - Ballin Música y Letra





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