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      French Montana

      Album: Cocaine Everything

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      French Montana - Headquarter Música y Letra

      Intro: French Montana & Red Cafe]
      You know what I'm sayin' like, real talk man, like, niggas ain't know about no Molly's til niggas brung it to the, to the table (yeah) nigga like
      Harve Pierre
      Niggas wasn't sayin' no
      Coke Boy 3
      What it be like
      This motherfuckin' round table
      (Big baller baby)
      Breaking down this fresh package
      (Endorsed by so mean)
      Bad Boy Headquarter
      Your motherfuckin' boy Montana
      (RNS real nigga shit)
      Red talk to em
      Ay eh ay aye
      [Verse 1: Red Cafe]
      I strapped up, I hit the block (Hann)
      French said they need fish-scale I hit the docks (Hann)
      I punch in my card, bout 6 o'clock (Hann)
      Wizard in the kitchen, magic when it hit the pot (Hann)
      Lately I find more ho niggas than hoes (Woo)
      I ice my watch, hopin' time get froze
      I'm a coke boyy, hello hello hello (hello)
      Pardon my G if that sounded sentimental (Hann)
      Heavy-metal I bang in every ghetto (Hann)
      Shakedown baby, everything is a go (Hann)
      Gucci down to my toes, Louis Vuitton luggage
      Rapped the 6th on the bridge, hopped out said fuck it (Hann)
      I grind non-stop even when it's snowin'
      Cuz I ain't goin' broke like the nigga Terrell Owens (Woo)
      They know I been a shooter
      No longer count money, I measure stacks with a ruler, I am the new ruler (Hann)
      Brooklyn till they kill me
      Forever keep it filthy (Hann)
      Got rich cuz my motherfuckin' work look milky (Hann)
      I love my niggas, forever though (Hann)
      And that white girl, never let her go
      [Hook: French Montana]
      IIIIIII (I), I be so high (I be so high)
      And that bullshit don't bother me (Don't bother me)
      IIIIIII (I), real niggas fo' life (real niggas fo' life)
      I'm outchea livin' sucker free
      IIIIIII (I), I be so high (I be so high)
      And that bullshit don't bother me (Don't bother me)
      IIIIIII (I), real niggas fo' life (real niggas fo' life)
      I'm outchea livin' sucker free
      [Verse 2: Chinx Drugz]
      Devil red Maserati, call the reverend on em (Uhhh)
      Gave em my whole life, but certain shit I never told em (Nah)
      Choppin' the pavement on them blades (What)
      Most niggas get they shot, hardship is but a faze (Yeah)
      Ballin' on that hard top
      Know they hear my screechin' J's
      Genius on that stove top, work cut 6 different ways (Ways)
      In life there's 6 degrees of separation (Yeah)
      Fear leads to hesitation (Yeah)
      Rose from the project gutters, boy that's elevation (That's right)
      Pick the pace up on them niggas, that's acceleration (Wassup)
      My ensembles elegant, boy that's Ellen Tracy
      I fucked the game 3 times, now I'm yellin' trace em (That's right)
      You see them green and white diamond, boy that's segregation (Feel me now)
      Top naked, engine revvin', tell them niggas race me (Vroom)
      Your main bitch my reflection all she do is face me (Drugz)
      All the money and the fame and the fornication (Yeah)
      They say my mental is a gun, but I broke the safety
      [Hook: French Montana]
      [Verse 3: French Montana]
      Rappin' never been part of the plan (Nah)
      Gettin' bricks 35, Kevin Durant
      Man it is what it be's(Beads), Mardi Gras (New Orleans)
      You know I beez in the trap, ask Nicki Mar (Wooo)
      Been doing this shit here since ye' tall (Han)
      Gettin' head from her, when Ye called
      I made it nigga (Made it nigga)
      You hated nigga (Hated nigga)
      You dinosaur niggas, outdated nigga (Han)
      I seen a snow mountain, I skate it nigga
      This the aftermath, you shady nigga
      Cradle to the grave, make a Caesar out your braids
      Got a kilo of that haze
      And we all smokin'
      [Hook: French Montana]
      [Bridge: Chinx Drugz]
      IIIIIIII ohhhhh I
      Been had this hustle all in my veins
      For so long
      Have you ever felt that way
      IIIIIIII ohhhhh I
      Feel like I wanna give it all away
      For so long
      (I'm a cokeboy, ima ima cokeboy)
      Have you ever felt that way
      [Hook: French Montana]

      French Montana - Headquarter Música y Letra





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