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      Act Right

      Act Right


      Album: E&A

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      Eyedea - Act Right Música y Letra

      Ay yo Abilities man
      I got a lil' somethin' I gotta get off my chest right quick
      Aight, dig this man
      I'm sick of all these punk motherfuckas in this rap game, you know what I'm sayin'?
      I'm sayin' these fools steppin' up to us knowin' they shit is straight gaabage, you know what I'm talkin' about
      E & A don't play that shit man
      Aight, check it out
      [Verse 1]
      It's like we walk into the place and instantly we're surrounded
      The king pin, big shots of this underground shit
      In less than a 'sec, Abilities is at the bar
      Half these cats don't even know who we are, but we still act like stars
      Guess that coulda been tight, I wasn't listenin' 
      I was peepin' out some new lyrics my man Carnage was kickin'
      [Fast lyrics]
      Now back to the subject of me not givin' a damn about you
      This is my world, it just so happens that you live in it too
      But that don't mean I gotta tolerate your talk
      There's a thousand other people in this room that'd probly love to hear your thoughts
      But while you're uncomfortably ridin' my tip, Abilities is upstairs stealin' your chick
      You want props, stop runnin' your mouth
      Just give a pound, buy a CD and, (?) we out
      Yo, you need to take a few steps back
      Your DJ can't scratch and your MC can't rap
      You all up in my face and we just came here to max
      Man you stupid motherfuckers need to learn how to act
      [Weird voice]
      Ay yo, ain't that that Eyedea kid?
      Talkin' all that crazy
      Man I'm 'bout to hyperbolate this fool
      You can't see me
      [Verse 2]
      Ever since we started winnin' battles and travelin' 'cross the land
      Fools think if they can beat you they can be you and
      They wanna test, so they step, not knowin' Eyedea's rep
      To leave 'em swept, the contest always ends like this
      Man these kids get on my nerves, but I can't pretend I hate 'em
      'Cuz whack MC's is such a great source of entertainment
      Me and Abilities watched the Blaze Battle for like a year
      "Yo this kid out there, ain't got nothin' to do"
      It's funny, sometimes kids are so whack with the rappin' instead of rappin' back I just wind up laughin' like
      Yo, you need to take a couple steps back, your partner can't scratch and your cousin can't rap
      You all up in my face and we just came here to max
      Man you stupid motherfuckers need to learn how to act
      Oh, my, God
      Eyedea & Abilities, you guys are so phat, my boyfriend loves you guys so much
      You know what?
      Oh my God, you should sign my tits, oh great
      [Verse 3]
      You know we love to see y'all at the shows, but this is dedicated to the one someone might call a "ho"
      All I gotta do is wink to get you back to my hotel
      I can't respect a person that don't respect themselves
      You're that one girl I went to high school with
      Back then you treated me like I wasn't shit
      You say if I give you a free CD you'll show me your tits
      You get the CD for 10 bucks like everyone else you stupid "biatch"
      I don't care if you just broke up with your boyfriend
      I ain't tryna go where every other rapper's been
      If I was to kick it all my boys would clown
      So I could "never hold ya, can't hold ya, won't hold ya down"
      Look, all ya gotta do is learn some manners
      Women and men
      DJ's and rappers
      There's nothing more to say, this meeting is adjourned, and if you don't know by now
      "I think it's time you learn"

      Eyedea - Act Right Música y Letra





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