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      Hustlers And Hardcore

      Hustlers And Hardcore


      Album: Eminem Is Back

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      Eminem - Hustlers And Hardcore Música y Letra

      Yo check this out! In life, you got your want to be's
      You got your going to be's, and you got your has been's
      Then you got your hustlers and hardcore
      Oh a line with fakes a time
      Fresh time, with sure more times
      Jimminy two time respect mine
      Big click with breakfast and blacklist
      War! War! War! War!
      Vision, knocking you out motherfucker listen
      Superstition can help you in this battle
      G's and sandles who surround you in all the angles
      All over your shit in shamble
      Looking the little of latter you fucking runt
      [Chorus 4x]
      Hustlers! Hustlers and Hardcore!
      Giving you more than what you asking for!
      Danger hander
      Banging swinging banner all single hander
      Hit the left propaganda
      Ill manner bad grammar stander
      Got the people chasing with cameras by the manner
      Hit and slap us, so pajamas
      Hiding under clothes in dirty hampers
      Happy brands will make them happy campers
      Little laughter
      Shit nappers
      I'll puke eat and freak you
      Battle, I'm too weeded to speak to
      The only key that I see to defeat you
      Would be for me to remove these two Adidas and beat you
      And force feed you them both and on each feet is a cleat shoe
      I lift you off your feet so fast with a round house
      You'll think I pulled the fucking ground out from underneath you
      I ain't no fucking g, I'm a canibal
      I ain't trying to shoot you, I'm trying to chop you into pieces and eat you
      Rap you in rope and glass, strapped to a soakin matress
      Coke and acid, black magic, cloaks and daggers
      Fuck the planet until it spins on a broken axis
      [Chorus 4x]
      Aw yeah {*echoes*}

      Eminem - Hustlers And Hardcore Música y Letra





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