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      We Be On It

      We Be On It

      Dej Loaf

      Album: Sell Sole

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      Dej Loaf - We Be On It Música y Letra

      [Hook 1 x2:]
      Yeah, we be on it, we be on it
      We be on it, yeah, we be on it
      Yeah, we be on it, yeah, we be on it
      Getting to the money, getting to the money
      [Bridge x2:]
      I woke up like this
      Tell these super lame bitches to boss up like this
      Shit deep, they ain’t know that I was cut like this
      Yeah, all my niggas cut like this
      Yeah, I get a rush from this
      They be like, “who that?”
      She a little thug, she be rapping like she 2Pac
      All I need is gold teeth to go with this toothpick
      Tryna pull up in the Ghost on these bitches like boo-yeah
      I don’t gang bang but I put your whole crew wacked
      Strip a nigga naked, I’m like how you wanna do that?
      Bitches they be tripping, we better keep a shoe strap
      Hating ass niggas in the way, I tell them move back, cause
      [Hook 2:]
      We be on it while y’all yawning
      Yeah, we be on it while y’all yawning
      Getting to the money, early in the morning
      While y’all yawning
      I be jiggin' doing the Dej dance
      7-Mile [?] might boss up and do the Blade dance
      I just wanna make bands, I don’t wanna make friends
      I just wanna pull up on my ex and be like, “Hey, there!”
      If you ain’t getting money, I’m like, “get the fuck from way here”
      I ain’t with that welfare, I be making sales, yeah
      I can’t do free features cause my niggas need that bail fare
      All white coke, bitch I’m looking like I smell good
      Sweep the whole block, we gon’ even get the mailman
      Oh shit, drive by, at home black Caravan
      Man down, hands down, don’t nobody say shit
      Ay, we be on it
      [Hook 2]

      Dej Loaf - We Be On It Música y Letra





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