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      April Fools

      April Fools

      Chief Keef

      Album: The Leek (Vol. 2)

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      Chief Keef - April Fools Música y Letra

      I play all my hoes like its April fools
      Watch me play my role, April fools
      They ain't bout it, they just joking, April fools
      They actin' like they blowing, April fools
      Actin' like they got it, April fools
      I don't like stacks I carry wallets, April fools
      Actin like they from the projects, April fools
      Now I ain't the trending topic? April fools
      [Verse 1: Chief Keef]
      He say he cashed out, April fools
      He just bought some shell-toes and some fake ass Trues
      He say that life he about, April fools
      His ass be in the house, I ain't no fool
      Fucking with them O' boys, you gon' make the news
      He say he squeezing 30s, April fools
      He say he ain't lacking, April fools
      Then how he get caught lacking?, I ain't no fool
      [Verse 2: Chief Keef]
      Boy you ain't getting money, shoulda ate yo food
      Say you gon' make a move, nigga April fools
      Boy you hang around a bunch of April fools
      Niggas say they gon' do, what they ain't gon' do
      10 grand a lot of money, nigga April fools
      I hit the Louie store spend that on Kay Kay's shoes
      100 grand a lot of money, nigga April fools
      I spend it on a foreign, just to make a move

      Chief Keef - April Fools Música y Letra





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