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      Makes The Sun Come Out

      Makes The Sun Come Out


      Album: Sad Clown Bad Fall (Sad Clown Bad Dub #10)

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      Atmosphere - Makes The Sun Come Out Música y Letra

      About noonish I woke up to the music
      Blaring out of the clock I inherited from pops
      After snooze is hit twice or thrice
      I climb over this mattress to go find my light
      Where's my wifey at? Wait
      She slept at her sisters cuz we had another fight last night
      Looks like one of her cats got sick
      That's either vomit or shit right next to the fridge
      There's no coffee left, just tea
      Green, did my best to try to make believe there's caffeine
      After a minute, had a cold shower
      And oh, I was pissed off with no hot water
      Hello landlord, as I get dressed
      Express my stress in the message that I left
      So when you get a chance please call me
      Gotta go, just found cat shit in the clean laundry
      Yesterday's pants is the option
      There's already money in the front pocket
      No snow yet but it's freezin
      So I throw on a coat with no hoodie underneath it
      Ignore all the bills on the table
      Cuz I don't love 'em, fuck 'em, who told 'em I was faithful
      Shoes, keys, wallet and my temper
      Out the front door into a cold November
      Now wait a minute look who got a parking ticket
      I live here, why I need a fucking permit?
      I guess underground rap has its perks
      Cause all of a sudden the speakers don't wanna work
      Stereo is dead, no lights, no features
      Hold up, the heater ain't on either
      Must be a fuse, at least it starts
      I dip to the shop that sells the car parts
      And the cashier is like, man, I don't know shit
      But you ain't gotta treat me like I don't know shit
      That's your job Bob
      Do your job Bob
      Sell me a fuse and point me to the doorknob
      Install the fuse and let the heater blow
      Music comes on, thermometer says three below
      Son's mom calls, I answer it on speakerphone
      Same damn time somebody backs into my vehicle
      Turn the autopilot on, man
      I just wanted to go to the studio to write a song man
      Meltdown now, might as well blank out
      Sean'll come back once I pull up to Ant's house
      That's the place I bury
      All of the weight I carry
      Southside basement, is like my sanctuary
      I love life, that's what this ones about
      So go ahead, hit record
      Let's make the sun come out

      Atmosphere - Makes The Sun Come Out Música y Letra





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