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      A$ap Rocky

      Album: Long.Live.A$ap

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      A$ap Rocky - Goldie Música y Letra

      Uh, uh, I said it must be, cause a nigga got dough
      Extraordinary swag and a mouth full of gold
      Hoes at my shows they be strippin' off they clothes
      And them college girls write a nigga name on they toes
      Niggas talk shit 'til they get lockjaw
      Chrome to ya dome 'til ya get glockjaw
      Party like a cowboy or a rockstar
      Everybody play the tough guy 'til shit pop off
      [Verse 1:]
      Let's take it to the basics
      You in the midst the greatness
      My Martin was a Maison, rocked Margiela with no laces
      Cristal go by the cases, wait hold up that was racist
      I would prefer the Aces, ain't no different when you taste it
      A 40 ounce to chase it, that's just an understatement
      I'm early to the party but my 'Rari is the latest
      Somehow it seems girls in they late teens
      Remind me your favorite jeans cause they naked cause you famous
      Life's a motherfucker ain't it? These other rappers aimless
      So tell me what your name is I'm a tell it to my stainless
      You aim it for you bang it let that banger leave you brainless
      It's just me, myself, and I and motherfuckers that I came with
      It's lamest, niggas wanna hate on me
      Until I tell them to they face they ain't no G
      Low key, niggas mad cause I'm smooth puffin' zig zag
      Tell 'em quit the riff raff bitchin' with yo bitch ass
      [Verse 2:]
      Yes I'm the shit, tell me do it stink?
      It feel good wakin' up to money in the bank
      Three model bitches, cocaine on the sink
      And I'm so 'bout it 'bout it I might roll up in a tank
      Cause my chain came from Cuba, got a lock up on the link
      And them red bottom loafers just to compliment the mink
      Eyes chink, rollin' up that dank, blowin' on that stank
      Whatchu mean? Tell me what you drink, I'm on that kissing pink
      You could call me Billy Gates, got a crib in every state
      Man on the moon, got a condo out in space
      Open up your legs, tell me how it taste
      And them niggas talkin' shit so tell them "tell it to my face"
      Tell that bitch, hop up on my dick, rolled up on her quick
      In a six, told her suck the dick, motorboat her tits
      I'm the shit, niggas mad cause I'm smooth puffin' zig zags
      Tell 'em quit the riff raff bitchin' with yo bitch ass

      A$ap Rocky - Goldie Música y Letra






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