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      Nice Guys Finish Last

      Nice Guys Finish Last


      Album: The Death Of Adam

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      88-Keys - Nice Guys Finish Last Música y Letra

      Now shes fallin' in love (uh, yeah I got her)
      Shes fallin' in love (yeah, right where I want her)
      Shes fallin' in love (uh, yup, yeah)
      [Verse 1]
      And momma used to say
      "Be a gentleman, set the standard
      Treat her like a diva, like her name was Amanda
      Treat her to the [?fits?] and take trips to the park
      Now you ain't gotta [?play stand?] I just (be nice)
      Yup, now don't take this the wrong way
      But if you take her out, it'll take you a long way
      Buy a fancy dinner
      She'll open up her legs like Shawn Jay
      And she'll do it (niiiice)
      Yup, you won't believe yourself
      Gettin' by off a little bit of wealth
      Just pull back, show a little bit of stealth
      Use tact when you feel you gotta (be nice to her)
      To obtain your main objective
      Slippin' the private dick like a main detective
      Workin' on the case now you can't make it obvious
      That the chase is all about what's below her waist
      Go the extra mile dog, open the door for her
      That's more points all on ya scoreboard
      And you could give her hard wood like a floorboard
      But before you're there you gotta (be nice to her)
      Man i'm puttin' in, a whole lotta' work
      Now this chick's gotta [?squirt?], cuz I'm, not a jerk
      Took her out for chinese, grabbed some rice after work
      Girl we goin' to Mr Chows (oww!)
      Yup, and that's what she exclaimed
      I guess I'm sorta the one to blame
      I guess I thought I would find some change
      If I treated her like a dime, man (be nice to her)
      R, E, S, P, E
      C, T
      Don't she know that I'm H to the A, R, D?
      I call her that word, that starts with a B
      And if you know the word then sing it with me (bitch)

      88-Keys - Nice Guys Finish Last Música y Letra





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